Sunday, 4 August 2013

For Poetry Pantry


One day

I saw a glowing man.

If you pricked his finger

With a thorn

Light would flow

In place of blood

Oh God!  Why o why

Had I thought of

Hurting him?

He never spoke a word.

His countenance wore a tender smile

Had he read my thoughts?

His lotus eyes showered bliss

All waves ceased.


  1. Hypnotic and a sense of sacred legend in this poem. The lingering image is the "lotus eyes".

  2. wow mystical and magic...prick his finger he flows light...this is a story that would have captured us as kids...well still does...smiles

  3. 'Oh God! Why o why
    Had I thought of
    Hurting him?'

    the magical people in this world always seem to suffer this fate~

  4. A glowing man would definitely be a sight to see... good not to think of hurting those who are different.

  5. this may be a stretch from the subject, but this kind of reminds me of science and how it feels it is necessary to poke and prod, and cut open beautiful and interesting people, places and things in order to understand them.

  6. This is so beautifully written...your words resonate and there is so much meaning between the lines. Lovely!


  7. Your comments are thought provoking. Thank you.

  8. How intriguing - a person who flows with light? So mystical and beautiful. As Andrea says, the magical people do seem to pay a high price. Very cool write.

  9. Very cool! Description-very intriguing...such vast human


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