Saturday, 28 September 2013

            A White Hall

Madeleine’s marble figurines

Wished to step down from

Gilt ornate built-ins

And hold each other's hands

They craved for casements

And thirsted for moonlight

Fragrant blooms in ivory vases

Cast pale glances

A bewitching milk white night

Remained unseen in Madeline’s salon

Crystal chandelier holding slender candles

Never lit up for them

Madeline eschewed Cupid

And spun and talked words and words

(May be this was the salon of Madeline de Scuder, the first blue stocking) 

 For: : Real Toads
The challenge this time is 'a place poem'
and I have taken 

 French Salon of the Louis XIV Period, 1660-1700, as my theme.


  1. ...thirsted for moonlight... to BE beautiful is not enough. I feel their yearning to live!

  2. I like how you painted the salon empty of blooms & candles ~ Too bad on Cupid ~

  3. I too felt the yearning for more...
    I thought it very clever of you to take a different approach :D


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