Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Bereaved Mother

Her bosom is a dreary desert
Her eyes dry river-bed
She walked the ragged stony path
Patriotism luring her away
Then her nest was robbed of her fledglings
At the altar of war
Now she has a sky full of blessing
And swears by non-violence
The whole world is her home
She breathes in every race
Posted for Susie's prompt @ Real Toads
Shared with Poetry Pantry @ Poets United


  1. beautiful end on her being at peace and breathing in all sad to lose a child or family member to something as gly as war, but she is an example we can look to..

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  3. Patriotism luring her away... how wonderful! Beautifully penned with a heart-touching end. :-)

  4. too many bereaved mothers in the world.

  5. It must be a very long road from bereavement to forgiveness.

  6. "Now she has a sky full of blessing" - what a remarkable line! I love "she breathes in every race." Wonderful.

  7. I like the idea of the whole world being her home! And also that she breathes in every race. In an ideal world, this would be for everyone, I think!

  8. Very strong poem, Sumana! "a sky full of blessing" is a poor reward when you have lost a child.

  9. Nothing is as sad as the loss of a child....such a beautiful and strong piece. Thank you so much for taking part in the challenge!!

  10. Embraces, accepts, breathes in every race ... yes.

  11. So beautiful, Sumana. Lovely words :)

  12. WoW...breathtaking ...thank you...thought provoking.

  13. peace is one language that whole world should understand. Nice poem:)

  14. "At the altar of war" - and isn't it just like that? If only we worshipped at the altar of peace instead. Beautiful and thoughtful poem.

  15. to lose her children to a war is indeed cruel and sad, but there is hope in the last lines of your poem.

  16. Sumana,

    There are just too many mothers in this very same sad situation. Morning the loss of young lives, all taken in vain. War leaves so much pain behind in its paths, all over the world...Repeated too often..
    A poem of remembrance...



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