Thursday, 23 January 2014


She wasn’t an Indian by birth
But by choice
She was clad in simplicity
Expressed in single blue bordered white cotton sari
Originally a dress of poor sweeper women
Working in Calcutta Corporation
Thereby uniting her soul with millions
Living in poverty
It wasn’t a style statement
But love for fellow beings
Single border later became striped
Ah she was the white flame of purity
In her sandals, crucifix and rosary
Mother Teresa
My Obeisance to you

Posted for Fireblossom Friday : Clothes Make the Woman @ Real Toads


  1. such a sweet and heart felt picture you painted:)

  2. She was for all humanity and mankind for which she rendered unselfishly! Nicely Sumana!


  3. Look what you've done here! I was already really pleased that you had chosen Indian clothing as your subject, but then when I saw who you were actually writing about, I was impressed. Thanks for adding this for my challenge!

  4. smiles...mother theresa was a beautiful person and soul...i like how you have dressed her in this...humble...

  5. I see you also chose a female icon, Sumana. You make us see her from the outside in, and show us the symbolism that is so powerful in our daily life.She is someone who has always amazed me, and like the simplicity and purity of the sari you describe, what better title could she ever have than 'Mother.'

  6. What the nice tribute to Mother Theresa! Wearing the cotton sari to show her solidarity with poor people. ~ Good work with prompt theme.

  7. What a beautiful, loving tribute to such an amazing woman.

  8. this is lovely ~ so identified by her sari that i knew who you were referring to as soon as you described it. wonderful!

  9. What a beautiful tribute this is, Sumana. Mother Theresa is an example to all; and her example will live on for generations!

  10. The simple blue border symbolized no borders.With a simple gesture, donning the cloth of the poorest of the poor, the afflicted, the marginalized, she declared her solidarity, humanity and love. What a beautiful tribute to to Mother Teresa who dedicated her life to those that had been abandoned and shunned.

  11. nothing is ever so simple and challenging as how we garb ourselves ~

  12. (◕‿◕。) Let us all meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love - Mother Teresa

    much love...

  13. You have composed a mystical and magical poem ... lovely.

  14. Beautiful composition for a beautiful soul!

  15. Oh, this was truly effective the slow unveiling of your character choice...great choice too in my opinion. Well done.

  16. Such an amazing person, Mother Teresa. Vivid image of her here.


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