Monday, 7 April 2014

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It was a long dark journey
For a drop of life     
It drank flame with leafy mouths
To be the light
 The Tree of Ténéré*
Was the living lighthouse
To the wayfarers of sands
It was a solitary tree
That behaved like a tree
With no pretensions
Like Lithops Julli**
Nomads revered it
 No man dared hurt it
The stars forgot to twinkle
When the drunk truck-man
Knocked it down

*Tree of Ténéré, was a solitary acacia, of either Acacia raddiana[1] or Acacia tortilis,[2] that was once considered the most isolated tree on Earth[3]—the only one for over 400 kilometres (250 mi). It was a landmark on caravan routes through the Ténéré region of the Sahara in northeast Niger.
**Some plants use toxins to avoid being eaten. Some use thorns, or turn into carnivores. The Lithops Julli survives by pretending to be a rock
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  1. I hope that it is not true that one man knocked it down! I believe the stars would have to close their eyes then!

  2. I have seen many similar images and always had to stop and get quiet when I did so. I have an affinity for trees, especially these lone ones with no pretensions other than to be. I have always thought they were sacred. That word means separated, set apart for God's purpose.


  3. "It drank flame with leafy mouths"

    Great line. Enjoyed this poem and the background information you supplied.

  4. "living lighthouse" "No pretensions".. Great character analysis of a tree!

  5. Trees give so much to sad when drunkenness robs us of it...

  6. This is very interesting - and moving (so sad when we loss one of life's touchstones).

  7. Trees are so wonderful, and plants really are quite smart with their defence systems!

  8. Fascinating, and well written. Your use of language is so beautiful.

  9. I really like "drinking flame" and the description of the tree as a living lighthouse in the sands. The poem certainly has a compelling conclusion!

  10. very cool...that lone tree i imagine brought hope to many...the end is sad...i hope that part is only to teach and not for real...

  11. You have painted this scene well with your words, Sumana. I like "It drank flame with leafy mouths." And I, too, hope that the ending is not true.

  12. Beautiful write! Lots of great images here


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