Thursday, 24 April 2014


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The mighty one
I like how
You dissect wonder
And free reason
Slit fear
To birth light
But I abhor
When your children
Wipes out civilization
By throttling
Sane voices
And you watch
Tears in your eyes
How wretchedly helpless
You are
You’re picking up pebbles
By that shore
Where Paced Buddha the mighty one
And the Nazarene spoke more

Posted for Susan’s Mid-Week-Motif ~ Science @ Poets United


  1. WOW! SO true! The image of both the inventiveness and the helplessness of science is breathtaking. Touches me.

  2. "dissect wonder and free reason, slit fear to birth light".......such wonderful lines. And you know how the following lines speak to me.........LOVE the picking up pebbles by the shore where Buddha walked and the Nazarene spoke. This is a wonderful response to the prompt. My favorite!

  3. ha. i like...i think the science and math can def inform us of god...and of all creation...great closing lines in this as well....

  4. luv the balance of your likes and dislikes regarding the scientific, nicely structured, frankly stated

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    please drop in

    much love...

  5. l stated Sumana. I hope we learn through pebbles of wisdom rather than from civilization's failings.

  6. Science powerful up to the point where it is no longer used for the good. Always a fly in the ointment....

  7. What a wonderful poem, Sumana. Yes...... the standards seem to go out of their way to downplay the knowledge.
    Loved the concluding lines very much-Poignant n meaningful. Lovely..

  8. Science brings so much, but yet is helpless...creative piece!

  9. Nature is so beautiful and if science used wisely can do add wonders to it.

  10. This has a great sense of how science can start off in our hands and then once it leaves our control it's up to others what they do..and that isn't always good..well written and thought provoking poetry

  11. A wonderful response to the prompt, Sumana. Some beautiful lines especially in the opening and closing. And you linked nicely ... it took me right to your poem! :)


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