Wednesday, 30 April 2014


                                                 courtesy : google image

The trigger happy police
Always first to fire
They try to trap the naive
In political quagmire
The telegraph pole
They filled with bullet-hole
And are very prompt to put
Truth on funeral pyre
This is the story of each and every nation
Thus workers unite for May-Day Celebration

Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ May Day or Walpurgis Night @ Poets United


  1. Brief and to the point! When the bullets hit only the media, we consider ourselves lucky.

  2. Once there was a very real reason and need for May Day, and as it seems those reasons are returning... *sigh* It's really sad! Let's hope there is no need, or reason - imagined or otherwise - for bullets tomorrow!

  3. 'This is the story of each and every nation
    Thus workers unite for May-Day Celebration' ~ relate, hear you! Wish it would be only happy holidays as used to as kids we were thinking...

  4. Police, government..all the authorities who should look after their communities often mistreat them instead..Great political punch to these words

  5. Great topic, Sumana. Pretty scary in crowd situations to have police with guns in charge - they are so often the first to lose control.

  6. /They try to trap the naive
    in political quagmire/

  7. There is unrest everywhere in the world. It all boils down to greed.The rich and powerful can never have enough. It's a spiritual sickness like the plague.

  8. There is oppression everywhere and it is important yo celebrate liberty. Well done


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