Thursday, 1 May 2014

   Unique And Perfect Are Your Dancing Feet

Unique and perfect are your dancing feet
Your eternal beauty captivates all
I don’t know when first did we ever meet
In countless birth my wonder did not pall
I lend my ear to your enchanting voice
Even my wrongs earn your indulgent smile
Your bounty to my fill do I rejoice
And here you are standing there without guile
You always did have a beaming visage
Why are those furrows lining in your brow?
What does the storm through the nostril presage?
Why in the sea tipping is my ship’s prow?
In shine, rain and storm you’ve lived through ages
You do detest outlasting on pages*

*If we are not careful either Nature or mankind will live in books only
Posted for Tony’s prompt @ d’Verse Poets Pub


  1. Yes, very true. Is time we wake up and realise where we are taking the nature, to our ultimate destruction.

  2. we're surely playing a dangerous game with mother earth...and she had to take too many blows already... i really hope that we'll manage to re-think and re-structure before it is too late

  3. Such devastation in the footsteps of mankind.. The "good" news is that humanity will probably annihilate itself... And then in a few million years the earth will recover on our pyre.

  4. A timely warning ... on our news this morning there was a story about whether the time is right to exploit the resources on the deep ocean floor ... will we learn before it is too late?

    On to the sonnet ...

    Rhyme scheme ... perfect ... smiles. presage/visage is particularly good.
    Flow ... pretty smooth, although not metrically perfect.

    Overall ... this is a fine effort at a difficult form. Well done.

  5. Excellent message Sumana you have expressed this very well, the sonnet is always a challenge but you have made a good contribution.

  6. You can smell a storm, can you?

  7. Heartfelt and well done jo hanna;)

  8. ...I mean Sumana, sorry ;)

  9. Very well crafted Sumana! This is writing like a real poet. You are a natural, Ma'am!


  10. nice closing line....i wonder what we will do to finally wipe ourselves off the face of the earth you know...if we take out nature, we take out ourselves which people def dont seem to understand...smiles...well played....

  11. I love the message & we should learn to appreciate her dancing feet before she fades away from the page ~ Good one Sumana ~

  12. Wow incredible thought isn't it... nicely penned.

  13. ... and the inner heart is what really counts

  14. True. Well expressed use of the form.

  15. Yes, we are playing the most crazy Russian roulette of all. Very well done.

  16. If nature do we. And yet, we seem intent on self-destruction

  17. A thoughtful, heartfelt message - compellingly sketched, Sumana

  18. How beautiful you express the wonders of nature through image and personification. Well done!

  19. I love the veneration here, an honoring which must worry about an unhappiness because it may be the death of all. I'm trying to picture a universe composed only of stars and floating books. Grin.


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