Wednesday, 25 June 2014


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When his blood cells were losing strength

His time was being crushed to dust

Doctors sat with grave face

The hapless father running to and fro

He was reading Tintin on wheel chair

The frail hands dropped the comic book

An eager mind instructed the body

To pick it up

As it was the time of fall

Pain would not let the hands to work

The mother, wiping her tears

Gave the book to her babe

Her loving words added faith

To the dying little angel

“Beta* enjoy every moment of your life”

He flashed a bright smile


*son in Hindi


Posted for MarinaSofia’s prompt “Shattering the World and Rebuilding It” @ d’VersePoetics


  1. So heartbreaking - anything to do with sick children just has me in tears. The son of my husband's former boss had leukemia - such a brave boy, was in and out of hospital for several years. Makes me count every single blessing twice.

  2. oy the loss of a child is devastating...i like the little blessing over the son there in the end....

  3. This is very moving ~ I can't imagine the pain of the parents but so wise the words ~

  4. This is very moving, Sumana. Your words portrayed the difficulty and love in the moment. It is so hard to lose a child.

  5. So very touching. It is so art to see the young go through this (I was a hospice nurse) and the pain of the family. This mother had so much wisdom and courage. Sad story well expressed.

  6. Life is full of these moments but losing a child must be the toughest of all. Interesting take with this personal encounter.

  7. What can you do to a dying child but give them a smile to make every precious second worth living. Often children understand and accept much more than the parents.. but it's unbearably sad...

  8. Sad tale Sumana, but you told it so beautifully and with such compassion.

  9. Compassionate, touching, & in the end, hopeful. My mother & her sister both died young, and my grandparents had to face the loss of their children; but when the child is very young, never to grow up, it is almost too much to bear. I worked/taught a blind 5 year old boy with tumors behind his eyes, dying of cancer; & yet every second with him was a joyous gift; he devoured what he could of life; very inspiring actually.

  10. Sad. Beautifully told.

  11. a sad poem, but with great love in it.

  12. Sumana, this is the kind of shattering a mother's heart can never really recover fully from. So poignant with what the mom says to him, and the image of his flashing bright smile. Beautifully done.

  13. This is so heartbreaking. What agony this is for the parents. My thoughts go to them.

  14. oh that is so tough when a child is sick and the pain so palpable... still that thankfulness for the time together shines through strongly

  15. such a sad is interesting how sometimes those closest to death are able to most fully enjoy life. Sad...yet beautiful.

  16. Really nice!grim yet awsmm


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