Wednesday, 13 August 2014


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The mountain playfully blows the sun bubble

That shares its joy with the lake

The lake ecstatic by the warm touch

Shivers and plays her magical wavy notes

That catch the milk white ballerina

Who shakes her fairy wings

And dances and dances and dances

The joy ripples spread farther and farther


I sail my happy dream in the wave

With the hope of reaching the land

Where it is most needed…………..


Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Happiness @ PU


  1. smiles...a fantastical dream...and the personification...and the magic that you put into made me happy too...smiles.

  2. such a beautiful interconnected happiness.

  3. Sumana I really like the magic in this. It's like a happy fairytale from nature. I love the last line, it reveals your heart.

  4. The dance of happiness and the magic of life.

  5. Sumana, your poem is magical just like a swan. I was happy at the end of it. The wings part made me smile especially. :) Good job!

  6. Yes, I hope your happy dream sails right to the shore where it is most needed!

  7. A simple joy to watch, even better to imagine.

  8. The imagery of the very first line is just wonderful..'sun bubble' ..:-)
    A happy happy poem it is... :-)

    "ekTi dhaner shisher opor ekTi shishir bindu'' ...ei line Taai mone eshechhilo lekhar somoy...glad that you identified the connection..

  9. I was here yesterday but got waylaid by the picture, trying to find it on google, but couldn't. Would love to know who took the photograph or where you found it.
    Anyway, sorry I'm late visiting: I forgot to come back.
    Lovely sentiment in your subtle lines.

  10. oh what a happy happy dream... sometimes ignorance like they say is bliss!!

  11. indeed it is a happy dream Sumana:)

  12. i like that joy ripples further and further. that is one good reason to spread happiness.

    fear of happiness

  13. I love the way this poem ends, bringing this happiness to the world that needs it. Such a joyful poem!

  14. "The lake ecstatic by the warm touch
    Shivers and plays her magical wavy notes'... so many beautiful images.

  15. The bird as a milk white ballerina shaking her wings is a nice image.


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