Tuesday, 16 September 2014


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In this land of festivals

Paddy harvesting

Brings color and joy

Many States

Celebrate harvesting  

In diverse names

In Kerala it’s ‘Onam’

‘Bihu’ in Assam

‘Nabanna’ in Bengal

Tamil Nadu’s ‘Pongal’

From north to South

And east to west

All want to live in joy

In harmony and in peace

So in the name of harvest

No one misses the chance

To sing and dance

Design Rangoli*

In the hope

Of bringing good luck

Seeking happiness

And embracing tradition


*Traditional Indian decorations and patterns made with ground rice, flour, colored sand, sawdust or flower petals done usually during various festivals keeping both the art form and tradition alive.



Posted for Mary’s prompt Harvest @ Poetry Jam


  1. Oh, Sumana, I imagine these traditional harvest festivals are rich and beautiful. The harvest is certainly something to celebrate indeed.

  2. Sumana, I love rice and its unlimited culinary possibilities. I am sure I would enjoy the paddy harvesting festivals your words conjure up for us.

  3. So many festivals. It would be wonderful to visit them all! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Sumana, your poem brings out the rich cultural tradition of your land. Harvest festivals are seen the world over, but I think in India there is so much colour and cultural diversity that harvest time festivals are really something extra special!

  5. louv all the colour and joy your poem translates

    have a nice day

    much love...

  6. How I would love to attend one of these festivals. Actually, ours are pretty wonderful too!

  7. No matter how we celebrate or what we call it, we ALL hope for that peace. Great poem.

  8. I like the peacocks by dots video clip....clever way to draw them.
    The Hindu festivals are full of colour and magic.One can get quite swept up in them with the dancing especially when the priest goes into one of those trances. It is important to keep up these important traditions.

  9. Embracing traditions can make you connect with all the good of culture. I love the way this is full of the heart.

  10. Seems like a festive occasion to celebrate the harvest season ~ Enjoyed the cultural colour Sumana ~

  11. This is such a charming - and edifying - piece, Sumana. And a very creative "take" on the prompt from Poetry Jam.

  12. How wonderful it is for harvest time. Lots of local info here! Thanks Sumana!


  13. What a beautiful tradition Sumana.


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