Sunday, 12 April 2015

I do not know which to prefer*


I do not know which to prefer

A perfect round blooming sun

On the thin bough of the horizon

Or the wrapping of the silver shawl

Woven with moonbeam

One is Truth yet hard to bear

The other is only a Reflection

Of the reality


I do not know which to prefer

The gigantic and unmoved waves

Of shaggy rocks stilled by time

Or the dancing feet of the ocean

That wove wanderlust into the mind

One is pure meditation hard to be

The other is unceasing work

And no Repose



*I used the line “I do not know which to prefer” of Wallace Stevens’ poem Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird



Posted for Grace’s Sunday’s Mini-challenge: Wallace Stevens @ Real Toads



  1. Hard to choose which one sometimes, truth or reflection of reality ~ I also like the two sides of ocean, both moving & in repose~

    I love the meditations Sumana ~ Thanks for linking up with Sunday's Challenge and wishing you Happy Sunday ~

  2. This is like the feeling of seeing something beautiful in nature, and sometimes not knowing which is better. This is so when dealing with things like different seasons or weather. They also affect our mood and thoughts.

  3. Which side of the mirror is the best really... Best they are united.

  4. They say truth is stranger from fiction. Your poem is a reflection of this fact. Beautifully executed :D
    Loved it :D

  5. This is a thoughtful response, Sumana. It is hard to choose between two equally beautiful scenes.

  6. I nearly chose that line myself! I think your words are wonderful.

  7. This is brilliant, Sumana! "One is Truth yet hard to bear" accurate - I love the "dancing feet" of the ocean, but feel the weight on "no repose." This gem really makes one think! So well done.

  8. frankly i do not know which phase of your poem i like better, it is such a well woven piece, to un-strand it would be a grave wrong

    have a lovely Sunday

    much love

  9. So much inspiration here! Inner vision of the ocean's waves as feet... Mountains as frozen waves (how on earth have I missed that all this time?)... This is inspirational and so, so beautiful!

  10. Sumana, your poem is lovely, breath-taking. So well done

  11. This is great--you've helped me see something I see every day in a new way.

  12. Sometimes the choice depends on the moment of life that surrounds thought. Both of these are so beautiful.

  13. The hard choices we face so well said...

  14. I love the dancing feet of the ocean line....blooming sum...gorgeous as always!

  15. Beautiful. I would be hard pressed to choose, too.

    Thanks for your kind comment.

  16. Lovely! You've beautifully articulated the beauty to be found in nature, and wrapped it like a gift. The insight in your words, imbuing layers and nuance to the poem's theme.


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