Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Watershed Moments


To leave or not to leave

Once one is entangled in this mesh

It’s very difficult to get out

I am scratched all over

Blood still drips

Advices raining upon me:

That time will hang on me

That it’s foolishness to leave

A lucrative job

That boredom will drive me crazy

Etc. etc.

But Spirit is always willing

So is my flesh

I want some Time

Exclusively for Me

To sit in silence

Read in silence

Write in silence

Work in silence

Be Me in silence

Be in peace

Let this September be

My last working month

Let me have the courage

To be free

I am waiting


The moment....


Posted for Sherry’s Midweek Motif ~ Watershed Moments @ Poets United


  1. I hope that you get that moment when you retire. I feel you though on how hard it is when you are entangled. And the struggle as well in deciding to separate and make your own way.

  2. Hope you get the freedom and peace which you yearn for. Excellent write.

    Lots of love,

  3. Is this true or some anticipated clear-cutting future September? Is this a woman who always dreams but never leaps, or is this you? Life is too short, dear Sumana Roy, as you know. If there are no major obstacles, LEAP!

  4. Sumana, I encourage, No, I more than encourage, you to take that step. I worked so hard all my life that it was strange to contemplate not working, at first. But boredom is never an issue, there are not enough hours in the day - the greatest gift getting older gave me was TIME to spend as I wished, to wake every morning leisurely, and let my day unfold. I BEG you to take that step as a gift to yourself, my friend. Your soul is urging you.

  5. Sumana, I hear you! Don't be dissuaded from what you know in your heart is the right thing for you. You will not be bored...trust me. And there are those paint brushes waiting too. Smiles!

  6. It is many years now since I did that. Never regretted! Of course, eventually one finds other, more congenial work, part -time or voluntary. Having the freedom of choice, though, is wonderful. And we women in particular recharge our batteries by alone time.

  7. Trust the silence Sumana. Let someone else take your place and leave so you can just be.

  8. Time to walk through another open door and explore the riches which are not tangible but need time to enjoy them

  9. Retirement can be both a relief and a burden. It is so important to decide how you will enjoy the change rather than regret the decision because there's no plan of action.

  10. Surely take the leap.
    I retired in 2003, stayed at home for a year and a half without retirement reimbursements. Living on scanty savings. Then returned to work on contract. Until 2006, when I started receiving my retirement pension benefits.
    I'm happy to have time to and for myself

    Luv your poem

    Much love...

  11. https://thedianerehmshow.org/shows/2015-08-20/the-100th-anniversary-of-robert-frosts-poem-the-road-not-taken

    A friend sent this to me, I enjoyed it, and I hope you will, too. The Road Less Taken is waiting for you.

  12. My retirement was forced in that my mother needed full time care .. I don't regret it and whatever your circumstance, do what your heart tells you is right.

  13. Go for it as you surely deserve it ~ You need those silence moments and I hope it works out well for you ~


  14. I hope you find that sense of peace--the time to be with just yourself--lovely write!

  15. Be free and enjoy moments of leisure. There are lots to do in cyberspace. There'll be no regrets. Bound to happen anyway so why not when one is still young enough, Sumana!


  16. Retirement can be scary for many people.

  17. What ever the shackles are it is so wonderful to be set free so that you can float like a butterfly or soar like an eagle.
    Go for it!!!

  18. What you want is SO very important. much courage to you and love. ♥

  19. Work is a huge entanglement and an obstacle, really, that one must work around (if one is employed) in order to get even a little bit of space in one's life for lovely solitude and introspection. I retired a few years early. I was so longing for freedom at that point. Life's adversities, I think, bring on a powerful yearning to simplify our days. There is such contentment in a simple life, AND - bonus - it's cheaper to live that way. I have found, it cost a lot more money to work than I realized. Ha!

    Fantastic writing, Sumana! And all the best to you!

  20. I had to make a similar decision not too long ago, Sumana, and I agonised over it, just like your poem describes. I made the right decision and I am now happy and content, haven;t looked back with regret...
    I wish you all the best and may you make the right decision when the time comes!


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