Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Our State Will Go To Poll Shortly


Black days to arrive soon

When will ensue

Battle of words

Wrong, right

Serrated and Blunt

By Right and Left

To lull the people

Into bizarre numbness

Dazed mass will vote

Ballot boxes

Will be in the limbo of a lull

Tough times ahead



Posted for dVerse ~ Quadrille – 2 and the chosen word is Lull


  1. Politics and sanity never seem to mix well.

  2. This is the truth and it will continue for some months. Effective poetry about our times.

  3. I like the use of lull in politics Sumana ~ I wish we can snap out of the limbo of bizarre numbness ~ Thanks for joining us ~

  4. Serrated and blunt words from the right and left... Oh how well you've described the process leading up to the vote. Well done!

  5. How I loathe elections, when all the hypocrites, self-servers and free-loaders try to persuade us to cast our hard-won vote for them.

  6. This seems to be the story no matter where elections are being held! You described it very well.

  7. Sometimes I have a feeling that politics is just a big lull to make us believe we have any say at all....

  8. Perhaps democracy itself is a lull in logic, since the 1% control legislation & the elected representatives; nice & strong take on the prompt.

  9. I loathe politics. I love that you got it in there as both a verb, and a noun. :)

  10. Politics...ugh! All the rhetoric, the words do seem to lull the 'sheeple' into false hopes. Black days, for sure. Very good take on the whole process. :)

  11. Very apt for the times.

  12. And it seems as though the next election craziness starts the day after the previous election. Oy. It's wearisome.

  13. I was just speaking with my mother today about the elections and how beforehand we have to listen to all the backstabbing mud-slinging that takes place beforehand. I don't look forward to that. The whole process is so tiresome. We need a change!

  14. My favourite line...
    "Will be in the limbo of a lull"

  15. SMiLes it all goes back to the escape from
    the cave and entrance into the cage..
    pre-prepared meals..
    means conflict..
    and a life
    a true
    with Nature..
    where the cave is
    only for shelter and
    humans are for entertainment..:)


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