Thursday, 29 August 2013

For  :  Poetry Jam

Prompt  :  Steps   


Blazing summer smiles
Occasional norwester
Brings pain and pleasure

Light footsteps of rain
A beauty at first, then beast
Teaches endurance

Early autumn is
Comely, serene and festive
Sprinkling contentment

In fall; late autumn
‘Ecstasy and agony’
Keats is everywhere

Trees shorn of beauty
Expectant for warm caress
And fragrant moments

Sprightly spring steps in
Her magic wand blesses all
Life returns with joy

Thus come one by one
Touches, teaches each of us
For the final step


  1. ha, keats is everywhere....nice...i love the autumn and fall...the cooling...the crispness...nice use of color in this as well...each season another step around hte dance of the year as well..


  2. yeah a dance with regular step and rhythm is going all around us.............thanks for the visit

  3. I enjoy especially the sprightly spring steps where life teturns with joy.....this time of the year always makes me happy. And, ah, who can lose with Keats!!

    (Glad I could post my response.....I couldn't before!)


  4. spring is beautiful... glad you enjoyed...thanks Mary for dropping by :)

  5. I enjoy the serene tone of your poem and I like the idea of spring and her magic wand!


  6. thanks gabriella for your nice words.....

  7. Love the different stages and steps that each season brings.


  8. thanks Kathryn for stopping by and your nice comments :)

  9. great romp through the year!


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