Thursday, 12 December 2013

                   BEAUTY PAGEANT
The cadaverous lady in huge black glasses
Feather-boa on shoulders lavishly dances
The devilish bird on her crown
Sets judges whisper gibberish
And has irrational audience
 In the aisle rolling
Not odd but natural this happens in a show
What’s wrong if she has on her head a crow?
The more this soothing lunacy
The better is the amusement
The frenzied madmen
Will pawn life for the system
 If their credentials questioned will catastrophe dawn?
Vulgar gossips of a high degree go on and on……………

Posted for Fireblossom's Get Listed @ Real Toads
(I wanted all the prompt words in red but couldn't manage the first line.. :( ) 


  1. You've created quite the interesting images for the prompts.

  2. Beauty pageant? Ha - sounds like a crazy modeling runway with what I hope never becomes the latest fashion!

  3. ha. this is rather zany and even feeling a bit of alice in wonderland the mad hatter...def has a bit of a surreal feel to this character you have captured...

  4. Way to go ~~ using all those words!

  5. yes, they do dislike having their credentials questioned ~

  6. I like the way you used "crow" in this! (By the way, when I used old post editor, I had the same trouble with the first line.)


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