Friday, 4 April 2014

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As far as I know
She will not stop writing letters
And long elaborate sentences
Will those be            
Even if nobody reads them
She won’t stop
Because Her language is gaiety
She writes in the joy of writing
It’s not that She’s never angry
Or She doesn’t express it
I have seen how difficult it is
To stop that Nataraj-Dance*
She writes and sends
Those beautiful letters
Smart phones shy away
When I open the envelope
 I hear the cuckoo-songs
Fragrance of Mimosa blossoms
Slowly enters me
I see the sand storms chasing snow
Feel the warmth of Her love
I know too well
Even if the world ceases to exist
She won’t stop writing
Her words of space and time
Will get written forever

*One of the most visually dramatic and culturally significant forms of the Supreme Being in Hinduism is Nataraja – Lord Shiva as the King of Dance. Shiva is the god of destruction in the Hindu pantheon. The dance of Shiva represents His five divine activites, or panchakriyashrishti (creation), sthiti (preservation), samhara (destruction), tirobhava (illusion), and anugraha (grace or salvation). Courtesy-Malaysia Hindudharma Mamandram
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  1. very your verse there is an interesting mysticism you give to her...and enduring beyond time...interesting note as well....on the dance and the five features....

  2. I just love the lines:

    When I open the envelope
    I hear the cuckoo-songs
    Fragrance of Mimosa blossoms

  3. And you make me love her, and all her idiosyncrasies.

  4. I can smell your note and want more! Lovely verse~

  5. I love the part about opening the envelope, smelling mimosa and hearing cuckoo songs. Wonderful! Reminds me of my grandma's letters......

  6. The fragrance of mimosa blossoms herald spring here in Italy as well and helped me love your message.

  7. how lovely this you mix a bit of culture with a beautiful poem i think we can all relate to. great writing!

    stacy lynn mar

  8. So beautiful...thanks for sharing your culture with us. I hope the hand written letter never dies.

  9. how you know the letter writer...and care for her

  10. I am glad she continues to write letters even if no one reads them. Writing letters IS an act of love. Enjoyed learning about your culture too.

  11. Ah lovely. Thanks. The difference between a letter and digital communication caught here. K.

  12. So beautiful, painting vivid pictures in my mind. Wish it were that easy to go back to the time of pen and paper...

  13. Another lovely piece, Sumana. " I have seen how difficult it is
    To stop that Nataraj-Dance*" - haunting. Your note, was very interesting, as well.


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