Thursday, 3 April 2014


                                               Rabindranath Tagore
                                             courtesy : google image

Gems of words tied up with tune
Opened and a fairy escaped
Holding my hand
Flew to a faraway land
The man with long white beard smiled
Handed me the treasure trove of such gems
And I played with the fairy all my childhood
The gems are so shiny
That even in darkness the maze of life glows
Showing paths
Helps carving our own way
Old man
Let thy words be my ambrosia
In my twilight hours

posted for Sam's prompt Avant-Edge : Innocence and Experience @ Real Toads


  1. Sumana, your poem sent me to Wikipedia to research Mr. Tagore; and what a wonderful source of inspiration he must have been. I love the last two lines of your poem.

    1. Thanks Mary..I owe my wonderful childhood to this man to a large extent...his poems, stories came to me through my father could recite his poems very well and ah... those soul stirring songs of Tagore were sung by the leading artists of Bengal....our ears were glued to the radio..we didn't have TV in those days...

  2. I love this poem Sumana - I too had to look up your inspiration. An amazing Man I'm happy to be introduced to him through your Gems of Words. "Even in Darkness the Maze of LIfe Grows" - this is exactly what I meant by feeling we can only express in poetry.

  3. Good to know the hand of innocence is there to guide us beyond malign experience.

  4. Your last three lines are incredibly powerful. A nice cadence throughout as well. Enjoyed this one.

  5. I have read something of his work and it is indeed inspiring ~ Lovely to read that he too inspires you from childhood to twilight hours ~

  6. Beautiful - Just Beautiful ! ! !

  7. This is sweet and decadent! I enjoyed how you layered your poem~

  8. What lovely eyes and smile he has. "And I played with the fairy all my childhood" What a fantastic expression!

  9. Old man
    Let thy words be my ambrosia
    In my twilight that!! Beautiful piece!!

  10. I knew his name but have no idea want his poems are like. I liked how you simply portrayed the way he inspired you.


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