Tuesday, 15 April 2014

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Pages crinkled in the old book
I sat with it with searching eyes
Yellow-whisper in musty tone
Filled the room with long sighs
Each word a casement opened wide
Let in the antique world as tide
Spoke in the language of bluebells
 Soul was eager in Nature’s tales

Her voice trembled eyes mist covered
She held two birds in her two hands
I hadn’t seen such birds in life
What birds are they? Of which lands?
The sad lips twitched and softly spoke
“My dodos are they whom you broke
Garefowls, Quaggas unending list
You killed all, my defenseless beast

I am Gaia mother of all
Please have mercy on my children
Aggression is bad you know well
Let them play in sun and rain
My skin is scorched my breath’s failing
My heart’s wounded I am ailing
I ask you have you seen my looks?
I don’t want all to live in books”

Letters they became as before
Cuckoo’s song delighted my ears
The leaves in breeze-dance, blooms flashing smile
Were enough to wipe tears
They all echoed Mother Earth’s voice
They left me with no other choice
But to write this tale of the Earth
Whom we know too well from our birth

Posted for Kay’s Challenge For April 15 Na Po WriMo @ Real Toads


  1. A ballad of the earth! What a wonderful choice, Sumana, and sorrow for the extinct species adds a special touch.
    Thank you!

  2. it is sad how we treat our mother earth
    i wish more would hear the cries of all the animals that we will never see again...

  3. And there hangs a tale! So fine to have her speak and give and move on to tell the tale.

  4. Beautiful...the earth grieves at our disregard...

  5. Some of the images in this one, Sumana (for example: " Yellow-whisper in musty tone Filled the room with long sighs") - really stunning.

  6. How sad that animals perish because of us ~ A meaningful topic here ~

  7. very sad indeed. nicely done.

  8. "She held two birds in her two hands
    I hadn’t seen such birds in life"

    Yes, Earth, has a mother's heart. Grieves for all she looses.


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