Tuesday, 13 May 2014


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I have a friend
Dwelling inside me
She is sweet
Yet knows
When to be harsh
And hard
I don’t listen to her at all
When she is like that
I almost hate her then
I hear her chuckle
When salt clogs my throat
She is so unkind
Though in the stretched summer days
Or long dark winter nights
She speaks in fragrance
She is a friend in need
I am a shadow of her

Posted for Gabriella’s prompt Friends @ Poetry Jam


  1. Wow! great take n the theme. Both our enemies and friends reside within us, we need to see what dominates us.

  2. Wonderful wordings about the friends!

  3. there are def times that people///even friends are not a whole lot of fun to be around...and then in the right situation they are the best friend you can have...

  4. I think we all have 'shadow selves' inside. Sometimes they give us good advice (as our conscience), and sometimes we are wiser to ignore what they tell us..when they urge us to make trouble. (smiles). Thoughtful words.

  5. Those inner companions are our spice in life, emotion vs. intellect, right brain vs. left brain entities (that I visualize as monkeys on my shoulder). What a creative response to the prompt; thanks.

  6. you expressed the internal struggle we all deal with

  7. This is makes you just stop and look and cries out for attention. Well done.

  8. Your words reminded me that we are our true friends.. there is light and dark both in us and that is what makes us one. Well-thought.

  9. I like that you see the little voice(s) inside as your friends, Sumana. Even if they can be annoying at times.

  10. Oooh that ending. The speaking in fragrance and being a shadow of her. Love that.

  11. Lovely images here. I especially like the photo too.

  12. ... I had the feeling you were writing about you ... being your own friend. A good thing.

  13. This is thought-provoking. I think we all have our ideal selves inside, and our real selves and our less than best selves - they all make appearances. Your poem really made me think about this. Great work.

  14. Not easy to duplicate the kindness and sincerity extended by good friends other than to try to return the same and do better for them Great write Sumana1


  15. Being a friend to oneself is not always easy.

  16. A truth unveiled that we all see within...this is lovely Sumana!

  17. very nice to read and think

  18. As we are our own worse enemies, we are our own best friends too. Very nice!


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