Tuesday, 20 May 2014


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“Arise awake stop not till the goal is reached”*


I wonder

What do we do first

Arise then awake

Or do the opposite

What does Swamiji mean


And one morning


I woke up

See, awake first

Then rose to my feet

And arise, later


I wonder

Why did Swamiji say this


I was charting my day

On the terrace

A breezy whisper startled me

"Look around you

And thank the Lord for this

Wake up will you"


I found

The soft baby sun

The Jingling trees

The purple heaven

A solitary star

All looking at me

Singing of flux


I woke up

I was reborn


*this is a quote by Swami Vivekananda (fondly called Swamiji by the people), a Hindu monk of the nineteenth century


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  1. i think there is waking up...and then there is waking up...to the world around us...arising awake and walking about awake...eyes open and engaging---active not passive....cool response.

  2. How very special, Sumana.
    Yes, of course, now you explain it to us, it becomes obvious.
    A wake-up call indeed.

  3. Beautiful words, Sumana. Maybe the poet mentioned 'arise' first so that we would understand he is talking of a different kind of awakening, one that requires our full being.

  4. Arise .. sounds like the readiness (maybe in our dreams we are prepared for action.. and then Awake to do what's right.. and how many sleepwalkers don't surround us. not even aware.. I like the way your poem made me think

  5. I enjoyed the philosophy here, Sumana. To rise first and THEN awake.....or to awake first and THEN rise. Thought-provoking. I do agree that we really need to be aware of each day and thank the Lord for each day we have. And yes, each day we awaken we ARE reborn. (Something makes me think that I would enjoy sitting on your terrace and philosophizing with you. Smiles!)

  6. Intriguing thoughts ... and then suddenly you bring it all to a perfect, beautiful resolution!

  7. To be awake is just to be conscious, to be awakened is to be enlightened--seems pretty clear to those of us who have been awakened, who begin to understand more about our existence. Cool quote, stirring poetics; thanks.

  8. Lovely to read in the morning...or any time for that matter.

  9. I love Swami Vivekananda and this being his famous quote..so true..very nice Sumana

  10. This is lovely! Wonderful poem to ponder the quote.

  11. Reborn... a true awakening! Beautiful!

  12. I love the deep reflections of the morning ~ Thanks for sharing Sumana ~

  13. I think we was saying "come alive" too.

  14. And you gave an all new meaning to this quote :)

  15. It's so easy to stay asleep. To be conscious, to be awake is true living. I really like that you chose this quote.

  16. "Arise Awake!" I suppose we so often stumble out of bed, not really paying any attention to what's around us...but if we truly arise AWAKE...then we'll be able to give much more to the world...and in that giving, we may be surprised at what we receive in return! You have given us a beautiful poem!

  17. yes - def. we should make sure we're awake first before we do anything... see the world with those special eyes... it makes a big difference


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