Tuesday, 20 May 2014


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I want darkness

All over the sky

Tawny grasses

To revive

To walk in the puddle

Getting drenched

Waiting so long

For lashing rain


White clouds tease

In leisurely way

Pitiless sun

Drags the day away

The heart longs for thunder

And the silver flash

The rich and the poor

Get Nature’s lash


The strict mother

Is in teaching mode

Taking away the gifts

She once bestowed

Her whining children

Blame each other

Not yet ready

To face disaster


The planet’s motion

Will not stop

The sun and the moon

Will be as before

Knowledge in subtle form

Will be in stasis

Mother will rise

For another genesis


Posted for Mary’s prompt Rain @ Poetry Jam



  1. I can feel the longing for rain in your words, Sumana. Something which is hard to imagine here where we get too much rain rather than too little. I like the idea of rain as a strict mother. I hope you do get the rain you yearn for.

  2. Rain is always welcome. Sumana, this is an awesome poem.

  3. I echo your words..................we need rain and lots and lots of it,,,,Indra devta kripa karo!!

  4. Drought is unbearable. we know it well here. Cruel and devastating. Do a rain dance...sometimes it works:)

  5. some nice wisdom in this...we sometimes have the take the lash...esp when we have been without for so long...smiles....to be without rain everything becomes so dry....and it is a palpable desire.

  6. I hear the yearning for rain in this poem, Sumana. Drought can be so very hard, and it is hard to watch everything dry up and die. It does seem sometime that the 'mother' is taking away the gifts she gave freely. I wonder if 'she' is doing this because humans have not taken good care of her gifts. I sometimes think so.

  7. I live in Central Oregon on the east side of the Cascade Mountain Range ... considered to be high desert. We are delighted when it rains, which isn't often. I can only imagine how much you desperately need it.

  8. I, too, sense your longing for rain... I hope it comes soon.

  9. white clouds tease - love this and that emotion of waiting and longing.

  10. May the rains come where they are so desperately needed.

  11. Would rather have rains and floods. Such happenings are better alternatives than no rain. Hopefully rains come around! Wonderful take Sumana!


  12. I relate to your wishing for rain. We have had a very dry year so far and now no more significant rain expected until fall at least. Hope you get some rain too!

  13. the dearth of wetness resonated in each verse in e different and special way

    excellent write

    thanks for stopping over at my blog
    much love...

  14. The yearning for rain - I have so been there. "The heart longs for thunder": palpable and primordial, I think. As thunder heralds the coming of rain. And water is vital to life.

  15. I have never lived where there was no rain sometimes not enough but always there has been rain and the needed water.

  16. Nothing makes us feel so minute and insignificant as the inability to bring the rains when we truly need them ... or stop them when they come in lashing flooding mud making plenty ... Mother nature surely does remind us that we do not control our world ...

  17. supple way to paint the circle of rain, with your closing lines ~

  18. " Pitiless sun
    Drags the day away"
    You have expressed well the yearning for rain!

  19. I specially like the ending, like a warning of a sorts ~ Here, its raining almost everyday ~ I can't imagine what its like to have a dry and pitiless sun days ~ Good one Sumana ~

  20. Oh your 'Rain' poem just screams exquisiteness and joy! This is a great read for a rainy day. Great poem!!!

  21. How nice it will be if all those carefree happy days are back. Life seasons change everything, yet hopefully, they only make the experience richer even if not as fun anymore.

  22. I too am longing for the rains :( Hope it rains soon!! Fingers crossed :D

  23. Ah, the balance between dry and wet is what makes all the difference. Drought versus flood and the happy medium in between. Lovely, Sumana!


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