Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Imprisoned in a nameless world

She has forgotten to pine

It was always like this as it were

Only an endless present

She smiles

Like a newborn in sleep

If you call her

She will look up

Though not sure if that word (name)

Belongs to her

Days into nights

And nights into days

She breathes and vegetates

All this because she has lost

Her key to the past

Never to be retrieved


Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ The Key @ Poets United


  1. As you say! and we attending know the key is lost and sigh for her not knowing what she is doing inside. We've lost the key to that. Double loss.

  2. I think it would be hard to lose the key to the past. Not that one should fixate on the past, butI think it is often the past that gives the present we wouldn't want to lose it.

  3. oh i feel rather sad for her...i would never want to just sit there in a vegetative state.....

  4. To lose that key to the past, very sad indeed ~ What memories would hold her, nothing but nameless world ~

  5. No one should ever want to loose that key to the past...that makes one without any root... :-( ..nicely done ..

  6. It is sad when old ones lose their memories - which are their greatest treasures. Hopefully by the time it is all gone, they dont realize what is missing any more.

  7. Dementia is a terrible affliction. Sad poem.

  8. I knew who you spoke of and I could picture her in my mind. So sad.

  9. She seems like she is in coma and has lost the touch with her life. nice write.

  10. Amnesia --- a dreadful affliction.
    You described the 'being lost', so well here.

  11. Losing the key to yourself is the worst possible loss...beautifully told

  12. sad indeed. still a great piece. if only she recovered her keys. :( thanks Sumana for enlightening me once again with this masterpiece.

  13. Very melancholic and heartwrenching. Hopefully she had a life well lived so that there are others to carry on her story even if she has lost the keys to her past.

  14. Hope she has someone to guard her, to carry for her..from other side - memory lost it's the defence of the nervous system in stressful life/situation...~ feel the concern of the narrator....

  15. sad that she has lost her keys of's painful for the person who takes care of her..

  16. Have seen and experienced the pain and helplessness on one afflicted. My late MIL who passed on at 88 was just lost and we all had to be most understanding of the whole episode.Nicely Sumana!


  17. Wonderful!

    Sorry I am slow in responding. Your email which has a return address. It automatically goes into my spam folder. I am glad I checked.

    Have a great weekend.


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