Friday, 29 August 2014

A Tiny Dream

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My dark sky has for me countless bright stars

My dark cloud’s silver line is not that far

Art Thou within me under my dark sheaths?

Be in my heart my Lord my door’s ajar


My parched land thirsts for that shiny life’s light

The eyes are seeing without any sight

Blind leading the blind into that black pit

Let the filthy black hate-words lose their might


We’ll cover the dark sky with astral dream

Let our thoughts join hands and forcefully stream

Thou be our Pilot and steer the ship right

The dark world shall display one tiny gleam



Posted for Björn’s Ruba’i and Rubáyiat @ MTB d’Verse


  1. this read like a prayer... soulful

  2. I agree with Wolfrosebud's comment. A lovely prayer. To be a light in a dark world is a worthy prayer indeed!

  3. Whoa, quite a prayer warrior you are! Creative and excellent rhymes! Very strong words.

  4. It is good that even in the darkest of nights there are bright stars to show us the way! You followed the form VERY well, Sumana.

  5. A lovely and meaningful verse Sumana ~ I specially like:
    We’ll cover the dark sky with astral dream ~

  6. I like that even in the darkest moments you can see bright stars and silver lines. You have really written a poem with spiritual meaning and your fourth lines seem to tie up each stanza, as it should be.

  7. Be in my heart my Lord my door’s ajar... what a beautiful line...
    our darkest times carry a speck of hope, a glimmer of light.

  8. This could be a prayer.. but I think it's also a plea for humanity against all the dark things humans do.. at the end we might have to solve our own problems

  9. joining hands and steer that ship in a good way... that's my wish as well...and that all our tiny dreams grow to one big one...

  10. That is a nice thought. The night is never dark when seeing the moon and the stars. It is universal and profound wisdom you express. To the day, man is the night.

  11. One small gleam in darkness - often enough to help us find our way. Nicely penned, Sumana!

  12. nice bit of a hymn here...its good to leave that door ajar...
    and to be led by the light as well....steer well lord,
    steer well...

  13. Now this felt like a rabaiyat! Well done - I like its ambiguity - it could be in any time - and its message is full of hope.

  14. Filthy hate filled words are just expressions from filthy hate filled people.So many talk of prayer and are mere essays in goodness.Fortunately none of them fool the one who counts.


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