Tuesday, 5 August 2014


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No one knows that the man

Who can’t stop clapping

Is originally a dragon

He can take any shape he wishes

And can turn anyone into anything

Let me tell you, don’t tell anyone

He is immortal too

So if you come across

A Greek god or goddess

Drinking ambrosia

From a cup with orange flowers painted on it

Or a sly crocodile eyeing

At an old liquor bottle

Be level headed

He might change his color

Becoming the black swan

And turn you into Leda

I shudder to think of the outcome

If you ever see a bluesman

Playing the saxophone

With two children

Hansel & Gretel like

Be aware              

They are originally

The dragon’s black cat

And dog with yellow teeth

You get me who the bluesman is?

Even Superman is scared of him

Once the dragon made him

His housekeeper

He would roam about the lawn

Picking this and that into

A red wheelbarrow

And whine all the while

(In a voice that resembled

The first violinist’s composition

Even a metronomic beat was present)

And clean the dragon’s blue car

Or that huge old tractor

No one knows what’s that for

The dragon is not merciless though

Couldn’t he have made Superman

Into a bat, a raven

Or a chicken, or even worse

The Icequeen’s nutcracker?

He only made him a laborer

 The Superman sighed and thought

Even being that fatty Obelix

Would have been so much better

He could own his quarry

And chisel menhirs himself

Now look at him……ugh

He wanted to become lost forever

Like the needle in the haystack

One day he was free

Don’t ask me I don’t know how

I last saw him on the screen

On a broken seat in a spaceship

Disappearing into the unfamiliar sky

Of some planets may be Neptune….



Posted for Claudia’s prompt @ d’Verse Poetics


  1. I do believe you covered all the bases in this very fun read, Sumana.
    Watch out for all that shape-shifting, though. Who know what you'll end up with next!

  2. hahahaha i love it...and that the black cat and dog were the dragons children...lol...what a fantastical tale...lol...this was a treat....change you into anything eh? watch out. smiles.

  3. haha.... oh my goodness...that was a trip... love that you managed to weave so many many characters in there... haha..and even though obelix is fat - i love him...smiles

  4. You really managed to use all the characters... what a dirge if anything could change to anything.. quite tiresome in the long run.

  5. My head is swimming in imagery, loved it.

  6. love the weaving of so many characters! it would be quite fun being a shape-shifter....

  7. Brilliant! wow!!! I love your story and the metaphors that bring life to it. :)

  8. Sumana, you definitely were inspired by the words. I found myself smiling all through your poem. I loved the ending - with the broken seat of a spaceship heading toward (maybe) Neptune! A fun tale.

  9. A fun read - and very creative.

  10. This was a very good read, Sumana! I realized there were so many things I did not know.

  11. Goodness this was some story Sumana ~ Enjoyed where your imagination took you ~

  12. You took this prompt to new heights! Great use of all the characters :-)

  13. Great work here--Superman whining is a striking image! Nicely written.

  14. wow..that's a beautiful story..with all the characters in there..loved it Sumana:)

  15. Great use of the prompt of words..in creativity to express the power of the mythical dragon..that i do believe lives in the archetypes of mind..and connectedness..when one DO truly know..that we can be anyone we create to engage the fire in others true..:)

  16. Spin and spin! I bet that ole dragon will be joining superman, two shy friends heading home.

  17. what a poem!! so many characters weaved together because one man is a dragon!! inventive!

  18. Very clever Sumana, great imagery you are able to create.

  19. A fantastical journey! Did you actually manage to squeeze in all the prompt suggestions? Well done!!

  20. You went for it and took no prisoners, covering all ground!

  21. Wowsers! Your imagination ran wild with this one. Love it. :)


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