Saturday, 6 September 2014

An Ordinary Life

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The first time I saw you

When our garlands were exchanged 

On the wedding night

The first time I touched you

When our hands were tied by mantras

There was happiness all around

With tearful eyes my baba and ma

Gave my hands to you

To take me far away from them

Love was not at first sight

But there was no dearth of promise

By God’s grace we could give

A loving home to our only child

A very ordinary life

May not be with much color

With pomp and grandeur

With loud laughter and songs

Or feet aching dancing

Neither any rocking earthquake

Nor spewing of lava

Avalanche or quicksand engulfing all

I wonder why we are not

Bored to death

But we are not

May be because

The life is so ordinary


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  1. :) Seems its your anniversary, happy marriage anniversary! When love is there all around an ordinary life is amazing.

    1. our anniversary is still a few months away Vandana...thanks for stopping by and the well wish :)

  2. The beauty resides in the ordinary... I think.
    A lovely write. I really liked how you surmised the experiences of life into a single word.

  3. life is beautiful, though ordinary, there's no time to be bored.

  4. Nothing is ordinary from a heart of love. Great write.

  5. Yes, that may be the reason.

  6. Ordinary is better than a stormy one. It is great to be just ourselves! Great lines Sumana!


  7. A beautiful poem about the glories of an ordinary life. I liked it.

  8. I think it's sad that we expect the skyrockets. I'll take a steady candle any day!

  9. Maybe your life is ordinary, but that does not stop you from being an extraordinary poet in the honest way you share your wisdom, thoughts, and your world.

  10. the scary part for many is when the sky rockets wear off...
    and if there is no relationship...well you can see the result
    in the sky rocketing divorce rates.

  11. There is something utterly unique in everything that's ordinary.. Maybe it's the urge for passion and action that is the fall of humans..

  12. So sweet ordinary life..peaceful and full of what we all want...and I can visualize the scene "With tearful eyes my baba and ma
    Gave my hands to you" this ... :-)

  13. True love is commitment and being there for each other ~ sounds like you have a great marriage ~ there is beauty in the ordinary. Smiles :)

  14. ordinary can be beautiful too. and it lasts longer. :)

  15. Yup! And that's the way it goes... Well written.

  16. This is a beautiful poem, Sumana. I tend to think that a lot of lives are ordinary but the people who lead them and shine are not and this is extraordinary.

  17. Ordinary it may be, but if both of you are happy and secure about your commitment to each other, it is a special one ~ Have a lovely week Sumana ~

  18. Give me the ordinary everyday care and grace, and I will not be bored either. Free of terror, tension, and living for another--I will have time for me, time for what Rilke says is a mutual respect in binding and releasing--as if you set up eisels next to each other instead of painting on each other's canvass. You write of one of the wonders of all time. How fine that you have it and it frees you. How wonderful that it came from an arranged marriage, which, without respect could have been otherwise.

  19. Ordinary life is an adventure, I think, and doesn't need be has too much to offer. Ordinary is beautiful. Well writ, Sumana!

  20. An ordinary life is a great blessing on this planet. This poem describes the building of a life that sounds very wonderful to me.

  21. what a beautiful journey of life..god bless:)

  22. i so believe in romantic love, the meeting the courting the falling in, yet i so admire the scenes and stories of arranged lives when the result is good and pleasing to two people involved in family rearing

    have a nice Sunday, thanks for dropping in at my blog

    much love...

  23. Lovely write Sumana. Interesting how love can grow without initial romance, but love goes beyond the superficial. Nice that you created a good home for your child. Nothing boring about that.

  24. Ordinary meaning that which most people face is still very challenging.

  25. Ordinary sounds loving and lasting. You are blessed (and I'll bet a blessing).

  26. There is a lot to be said for ordinary. The Chinese Curse: “May you live in interesting times" - comes to mind.

  27. Ordinary or comforting? Drama is generally not the best thing for a marriage… well maybe for some. I prefer when our days are simple… much less to fret about, more time to just love each other.

  28. This is beautiful .... marriage is a blessing, a gift .... have a great great life together :-)

  29. wise and tender ~

  30. Sometimes think ordinary is a blessing, come to help us to remember to just breathe, to be alive.



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