Tuesday, 2 September 2014


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I really am an antique piece

I walk in sari, prefer flip-flops

A lady height impaired


Not extravagant

Never swoon over new fashion

Yet I like jeans

When next gen wears them


Not all varieties


Tattered or pencil ones

Are my eyesore




I am totally a fashion police

If an Indian lady my age

Puts them on




It’s….umm…..a faux pas




Jeans give them a droll look

So devoid of roots


I’m in a pall of gloom


Written for Laurie’s prompt Jeans @ Poetry Jam


  1. smiles....seeing tradition go, is hard...it feels a bit like you are losing bits of your culture...of course our culture is all blue jeans...ha...i def like to rock mine...

  2. I think a sari is much more romantic. But I admit I still like wearing jeans - they are so comfy and they last forever!

  3. I wonder if some time in the future Jeans will become the traditions we hold on to. I like how you look at the world and i can feel you love and pride in the things that really matter. Nicely done.

  4. I had to smile with your poem, Sumana. So true, some women are not jeans women and liked the "faux pas" reference (I've used French phrases in my poem!)

  5. There may be rare occasions where jeans are handy. In a traditional environment it might cause wagging tongues though! Nicely Sumana!


  6. I'm not fond of tattered or pencil jeans either.

  7. I think there is a certain elegance about wearing a sari that jeans will never have. And I like and respect your perspective. I smiled about you sometimes being 'the fashion police.' Though I am not extravagant, I too pay attention & sometimes shake my head at things others wear (too tight!! too short!!). I think there is a lot to be said for maintaining traditions in some regards..but then again if we here had maintained the traditions of my grandmother's era I would probably be wearing a long black dress & some black leather shoes. So I am glad this changed & happily wear my jeans.

  8. I seem to be a member of the fashion police force also. Though I am not really "fashion conscious", I am more taste and modesty conscious!

  9. luv the indian fashions; they are i think so ornate yet so elegant, hey but i think jeans are so comfortable, i'm wearing denims shorts right now

    have a good Wednesday

    much love...

  10. I too sigh that some traditions are going but must admit that dresses is not one of them. I wear jeans almost all year round and love them. I smiled at the mention of flip flops as I really cannot walk in them.

  11. I really like reading your perspective here and can understand what you are saying. Saris are so beautiful and they do look comfortable though there must be some secret way to wrap them so they don't come undone!

  12. I LOVE sari...
    But I love jeans too...
    Nice poem!!!

  13. Love this. And saris are so beautiful, I don't blame you.

  14. our dress is what we were raised withand where we live...in the USA jeans seem to be the thing of choice today sigh

  15. I enjoyed this .. and your unique perspective.

  16. squeezed between traditions and modernity , nicely written

    Like A Pair of Jeans


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