Tuesday, 30 September 2014


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Rabbits raining from an empty hat

Or the beautiful lady being cut in halves

Man walking on the flowing Thames

Or Criss Angel coming out breaking chains

We see you

Amazing magicians!!

And your art!!


A tangerine sky strains the sun from dark hours

Myriad life forms to sparkle forever

For unbearable life there’s death’s caress

Law tied cosmos can’t dream of a chaos

We can’t see you

Amazing Magician

Where Art Thou?


Posted for the prompt Magic @ Poetry Jam


  1. This works and opens up our eyes to the real magic.

  2. Yes, they can well do a disappearing act. In the process they duped us real good. Wonderful lines Sumana!


  3. Wow, Sumana. What an interesting transition from the first stanza to the second. I am sure some people in the midst of an unbearable life wish in vain for a magician to turn their life around. I especially like "Where Art Though?" The capitalizations work!

  4. Our children's eyes were more ready to see and accept magic than our older selves. I agree that there are times where we would love the magic of our childhood to resurface in our lives.

  5. This is beautiful, especially the tangerine sky. Love the contrasting verses.........especially the search for magic in the natural world.

  6. Lovely showing of two kinds of magic. Good prompt Sumana.

  7. nice...i like how you tie the magic of cris angel and other performers to the spiritual as well...which could be seen as magic...just a much different kind...smiles

  8. Lovely and thoughtful juxtaposition in the two stanzas of this piece, Sumana. Nicely penned.

  9. It is all a matter of cultural perception and philosophy One's unbearable life may be someone's else's dream. The Amazing magician can be seen in everything... omnipresent, onmiescent.!

  10. So true... we see the 'magic' that is just an illusion, a trick that has been perfected with human effort.
    The actual magic that we are surrounded by, we take for granted...
    Profound words!

  11. Sumana,

    Loved the scope of your magical views. The ultimate magician with powers beyond our view and comprehension....
    An excellent prompt topic..thank you.

  12. I love how you move from this world to the divine. Yes, that's a question a lot of us ask many times.

  13. god is an amazing magician, this post is also magical


    Now following your blog

  14. I like to believe the divine magician is near us ~ I love this prompt Sumana & thanks for hosting ~

  15. Wow. That last stanza is stunning.

  16. Indeed, Sumana, the magic of everyday life, nature and the wonder of creation are not readily appreciated by people...


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