Tuesday, 30 September 2014


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Like Durga Herself I am home

My mother celebrates our coming

She waits like Menaka* for the whole year

For this festive month

Alas! Where is Giriraj** my father?

There is joy everywhere

Nature drapes herself in beauty

Human-butterflies flit and enjoy

Pandal hopping***sucking honeyed festivity

Alas! Autumn’s misty eyes shed leaves

On this auspicious day

My only prayer for the daughters of my land is—

Be Thou Durga

Ride the lion of faith

Destroy Evil forever and bless one and all


*Menaka is the mother of Durga

**Giriraj is the Himalayas, the father of Durga

***The makeshift huge structures where the beautifully handcrafted idols of Goddess Durga are kept and people enjoy seeing them. There are thousands of such podiums where idols of Durga are installed along with stunning artwork and light décor throughout the cities, towns and villages.



Posted for Abhra’s prompt Modern Mythologies @ dVersePoetics


  1. What a beautiful image of the festivities .. I would love to dance among those human butterflies.

  2. "Ride the lion of faith
    Destroy Evil forever and bless one and all "

    I really like the close, smiles. Thanks for joining my prompt.

  3. ride the lion of faith and destroy evil...
    what more could we hope for
    for our sons and our daughters.

  4. Nature drapes herself in beauty
    Human-butterflies flit and enjoy....great images.

  5. Wonderful that you are able to be with your mother for these festivities, Sumana. And what a beautiful wish for the daughters of your land. May it also be a wish for all the daughters of the world...to ride the lion of faith and destroy evil forever.

  6. Groovy piece. Loved-"Autumn’s misty eyes shed leaves"- what an image.

  7. I had hoped to find an Indian myth here, & you certainly did not disappoint; a stunning take on the prompt, both loving & educational for we Western mythos types, who tend to look to the Greeks for inspiration, more because we are ignorant of Indian & Chinese myths that predate the Greeks; nice job.

  8. Beautiful prayer and vivid images. I can feel the warmth and color of the celebration through your words.

  9. Yes, my parents also wait for us all year, so I can really feel that family warmth and closeness, plus the link to joyous celebrations. I too would like to see those human-butterflies - what a wonderful expression!

  10. In North Florida we have Seafood festivals where it seems people worship the beach and seafood while visiting there which is a good part of all to worship to me as gifts too.. and the virtues of the myth of Durga are worth the focus of life too.. in honoring the greater virtues of human being that can be with relentless focus.. Will.. Belief.. and yes FAITH!

    YES there is festival in the air here too..where i live.. and autumn is one of my favorite times of year along with now too.. as well..:)

    i enjoyed the lively nature of hope in your poem and hope you have an equally wonder FILLED DAY! with smiles of course..2..:):)!

  11. there is power if the daughters of a land ride that lion and spread faith and hope

  12. I love how your mother waits all year for you to come home.....it sounds like a joyous celebration. Enjoy every minute!

  13. Your joy during this holiday is heart warming. Sounds like a good time and merriment is had by all.

  14. I am glad you can be with your mother for this festival and I am sure she is very happy too. I just love your prayer for the daughters of your land, very powerful and empowering.

  15. These festivities sound like so much fun. I like the symbolism you see in this celebration, your prayer for the daughters. Very beautiful.


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