Saturday, 21 February 2015

Light More Light

courtesy : google image

When my sadness

Trickles down my cheek

I look up

I hear

My trees singing in bird voice

Wiping my sorrow

Death cannot strangle me

With His stony, icy touch

For the sun’s caress

Warms me

Inside out

Pitch black sky of misery

Fails to engulf me

As joys of memory

Twinkle and glow

My Lord

Let Thy light

Shine in my heart

Till my last breath


Posted for Poetry Pantry @ PoetsUnited


  1. when that light shines in and through you...its hard to be down for too long....cause you got hope...

  2. Those last 4 lines are so uplifting and full of hope ~ Have a lovely weekend ~

  3. The breath of nature and light will the thing that will bring some solace. Wonderful and uplifting words Sumana.

  4. Let hope remain and sorrow vanish...
    Nice though!

  5. most certainly "Death where is thy sting", i luv your joy in memories and the face lifted to the light

    Thank you for dropping in to read mine; have a wonderful week

    much love...

  6. He will forever guide your through :-)
    A perfect read this Sunday

  7. Yes..sometimes we have to lift our heads up and remember there is light and hope however hard it maybe...beautiful poem

  8. How we all must wish that...I hope to take some light with me too.

  9. this is the choice we must all make every waking moment.
    whether to rejoice in the beauty of things or wade in the mire.

    gracias wonderful write

  10. you end it lovely, in a positive way.. this week there seem to be a lot of sadness and hard times in our poems..

  11. Death may indeed batter us, but it is not stronger than the sun which caresses us despite all. And yes, "Let Thy light shine" til one's final breath. This poem has strength to it, Sumana. Kind of reminds me of the song "We Shall Overcome."

  12. this was worshipful... the forming of the lines perfect for the piece... and just the right words were said

  13. How much hope and strength you have inside you, already, to have warded off that 'Pitch black sky of misery', blinding its darkness with your light.


  14. hope the last light keeps shining

  15. Apart from in the kindness in people, Nature is THE place where God's presence is most palpable for me. It is a place where we can hope to find solace and hope.

  16. Sumana,

    I liked the positivity which unfolded within your poem. Keeping some faith can arest a down moment and help to retain a way forward..Spring flowers and birdsong encourage me too!!!


  17. May that light never dim, and may it bring you comfort always. A beautiful poem, Sumana, from your very brave and wise heart.

  18. how beautiful, such hope & light despite sorrow ~ blessings to you, Sumana

  19. Absolutely fabulous as I find light fills my life....'My trees singing in bird voice'....oh I miss that sound that brings my soul to life...soon the trees will be singing again!


  20. I like the "trees singing in bird voice" much...and the "suns caress" and "joys of memory!"

  21. Sumana, Light is always with you, supports and give you strength for everything. Love the sunny picture, feels positive and healing power in your words. x

  22. Beautiful prayer,


  23. yes, we must always look up through our tears, always hold on to hope... a beautiful message, beautifully written!

  24. inspirational!
    just right for me. :)

  25. I love the feeling of the sun's warm caress. Your writing is beautiful, Sumana :)

  26. I will keep this prayer, Sumana, remembering where the Light has its source, its conductor, riding the goodness and blessings.


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