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Sarada Devi : Source

I rest my weary feet

On this emerald island

To replenish my soul

Foamy, froth of discontent

Disappears in the shore

Where peace lies in granule form

The sapphire morning sky

Gives me an indulgent smile

Crows, mynas, sparrows

Are birds of paradise here

The islanders are few

Only four in number

But they wear saris of fire

They speak in Love,

Their mother tongue

Our chilled bones are warmed

Their words kindle a lamp

In my heart cave

Light fills every corner

These souls are

Empowered with the blazing force

Of renunciation

That come from the poor widow

Sarada Devi*


*Sarada Devi (Bengali: সারদা দেবী;   Sharodā Debi (help·info)) (22 December 1853 – 20 July 1920), born Saradamani Mukhopadhyaya (Bengali: সারদামণি মুখোপাধ্যায়), was the wife and spiritual counterpart of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, a nineteenth-century mystic of Bengal. Sarada Devi is also reverentially addressed as the Holy Mother (Sri Maa or শ্রীমা) by the followers of the Ramakrishna monastic order. Sarada Devi played an important role in the growth of the Ramakrishna Movement. Courtesy: Wikipedia


Ramakrishna Sarada Mission is a women’s monastic organization in our little town Balurghat. We fondly call the nuns Matajis. It is an entirely independent charitable organization exclusively for women run by the nuns carrying out various philanthropic, cultural, spiritual and educational activities. The Mission named after Sarada Devi has centers in various parts of India and abroad.


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  1. luv the photo with lady with the long hair, luv long hair, grew my hair naturally for 13 years without cutting just trimming the edgws; then i cut it all off in 2012 i went from estatic joy to depression

    oh but i'm over it now

    luv the poem too, dont mind my ramblings this morning

    much love...

  2. love where you refer to it as the heart cave...ha...very interesting on sarada....other than being married to a spiritual leader, i wonder at her own awakening and desire to start such a group...

  3. How wonderful to have this organization in your town. I like the way you have written about the saris of fire & also about the way their words kindle a lamp in the heart's cave. Sumana, I enjoyed the poem as well as the culture in this post today!

  4. These souls are
    Empowered with the blazing force
    Of renunciation

    Obviously the motivation is that strong to sustain the cause. Women power cannot be underestimated. Thanks for sharing Sumana!


  5. love the homage to sarada devi

  6. Images of power given over to teh weary, in thanks for Sarada Devi and the opening she made for other women! Transformation is possible in such a place:
    "Crows, mynas, sparrows
    Are birds of paradise here"
    Where sari's themselves have power to warm and light a widow's path... everything spells rest and rejuvenation. Thak you for this poem honoring a far-seeing woman.

  7. I love the idea of a heart cave...wonderful!

  8. Authentical couple times....beautiful!

  9. Light fills every corner - love that image of light shinning through darkness and bringing hope and love.

  10. It is so wonderful you have a monastery in your town, filled with beings of service to humankind. I enjoyed reading your poem about the holy mother, very much, Sumana.

  11. an apt homage to Ma Sarada Debi

  12. Nice tribute to Sarada Devi, Sumanaji.

  13. Light fills the corners where love and goodness reside. What a comfort to know that these dear woman are ministering to others. So much need in these times.
    Beautiful Sumana thank hyou!

  14. What a unique find in your small town--I am sure few are aware of it yet sounds like they do a lot of good. Indeed a local treasure.

  15. Beautiful writing Sumana. Nice to know her involvement and strong influence in bringing about the Ramakrishna movement.

  16. Whatever path we choose in life we must embrace it with love and compassion. Thank you for telling us about the Sarada mission..

  17. I like how you convey the power of their spirituality and serenity. They seem to be very inspiring women.

  18. The entirety is inspired, Sumana and for me, the language of Love...heart cave and the way in which it was lit...whoosh...very affecting.

  19. Sumana,
    Thank you for sharing the goodness about the Sarada Mission and its nuns. It is a blessing for many, that these missions exist, locally.


  20. My day was just made brighter by the thought of a people who "speak in Love". Thank you! ♥

  21. The Matajis sound like good people !

  22. Yes, Ma Sarada was/is an embodiment of love, sacrifice, and aptly captured, Beautiful lines!

  23. An interesting and edifying post, Sumana. You have captured the essence of a lovely spirit with your words. It is good to be reminded that, from time to time, angels walk amongst us.

  24. A lovely tribute to this wonderful woman, Sumana.

  25. This is indeed wonderful, especially the lines "They speak in Love,
    Their mother tongue"


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