Tuesday, 7 April 2015


It is an impossible train

Running through an endless tunnel

Most compartments

Are nightmare made:

A few imported from Paradise


A septuagenarian nun

Is gang raped and………

Culprits roam about scot free


Girl child is unwanted

And killed before seeing

The light of the day


Cacophony of politicians

Their adulterated promises


Wedding bells in discord


Ivory towers of the rich


Beauty wafting from the fragrance

Of Buddha’s lotus, incense sticks,


Joy glittering in church stained glasses

And even in some golden hearts


Sari clad beggar mothers


Film stars in skimpy dresses


Tagore songs at traffic signals


Lofty ideals of renunciation

Still picking up a few


Sigh of the oppressed


Students after being beaten

Offering flowers

To the posse of policemen


Etc. Etc.


A never-ending train

Like the tunnel…


 Posted for the prompt Impossibility @ Poetry Jam


  1. I like how you showed both sides of the coin and, of course, much prefer the late compartments. I also enjoyed the beauties of India we can glimpse in your poem.

  2. Well written. You have nailed it so beautifully! Loved the first paragraph :)

  3. This is absolutely exquisite..! Love the imagery... the general idea of the poem... simply remarkable!
    Beautifully executed :D

  4. Life does go on, and in every corner of the world, choices are being made. This is beautifully captured with such depth.

  5. I appreciated the varied views you presented in each stanza, Sumana. Some were very sad and tragic, and a very few were joyful. I almost felt as if I was traveling with someone with a camera who came upon different scenes and recorded them for all to see.

  6. Sumana,

    I'm very much aware from reading newspaper items, of some of the dreadful happenings in India at present. So scary and sad for those who may be at greatest risk, from the unknown dangers nearby. All this, when we watch DVDs of films set in India, with such lavish backdrops...Impossible to appreciate, in the face of this awful reality of today..


  7. Is it possible to stop the train and get it on the right track? I would hope it is not an impossibility.

  8. I like the imagery of the train and its compartments. And life is indeed full of a great variety of possibilities--I hope for the best of course. Good prompt.

  9. i didnt like the fact of an endless tunnels, however, there is where the theme of impossiblilty must be stashed; for hope say there must be an end and a new beginning

    have a nice Wednesday

    much love...

  10. Indeed, the discord in our world seems to fuel the impossibility of peace on earth - though, as is the case in your poem, from time to time . . . joy glitters.

  11. Screech of frustration....

    Powerful writing.

  12. Your poem reminds of several unpleasant happenings but things will get on track if we all strive together for peace and love. Deep lines, indeed.

  13. Your poem throws in the troubled waters of a stormy world where calm seems impossible, Sumana. And yet you throw light rays of hope and one can glimpse sunny distant shores in the distance...


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