Saturday, 9 May 2015

She Pawns Her Life


Death looms large

Their hoofs dig dust cloud

The springbok mom

Can’t leave her newborn

Alone to be crunched and gulped

Down that “fearful symmetry”*

She has other thoughts

And adopts her stance

To play with Death

The drama unfolds

On that grassy stage

She becomes a dancing nymph

To ignite the wrath of Death

Towards her

The blazing sky

Adds fire to the hungry eye

Thus the exposition

The rising action follows

With a long, long chase

To that climactic point

Of lightning flash of acrobatics


The sinews of the “deadly terrors”*


The weary and exhausted cheetah

Slows down

He is back to the clan

Head hung and tongue out

Falling action indeed!

Catastrophe is avoided

Now for the revelation

Joy cavorts

In springbok hoofs

Of mother and child

Happy Mother’s Day!  

From a poet of a land, far away. 

*words within inverted commas are taken from Blake’s Tyger


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  1. a mother would go to any length to keep her kids fine:)

  2. Oh yes - the mother protecting here offspring, love how you weaved Blake's word into this.

  3. The balance of nature allows wins and losses except that man without need slaughters both to decorate his living room endangering the survival of both.

  4. what a perfect and different mothers day poem
    wonderful - and a very happy mothers day to you

  5. a wonderful example of a mother being willing to do whatever it takes to protect her child, and species doesn't enter into it.

  6. Well this surely shines bright! And glad she got to nestle with her mother for a little longer...a real journey

  7. This poem shines through with your love which is hidden in it..!
    Happy Mother's Day :D

  8. How lovely to write a drama with a happy ending--the definition of comedy. But we never laugh, only sigh with relief and then applaud the power of mothers to protect their children despite all! Thank you for this!

  9. I am glad that death was averted...just once. But the cheetah will seek prey elsewhere, and another will not be so lucky. The balance in nature is not always kind!

  10. What a brave mother to protect her young ~ I am glad that death become weary & tired ~ Love this Sumana and wishing you happy weekend ~

  11. I think it is a mother's instinct to protect her children from any harm or danger. This kind of love cannot be ever defined.

    Very lovely sentiments here Sumana.

  12. i so much enjoy what your experience in a world unbeknownst to me brings. this was joyous and wonderful writing. gracias, feliz dia de madre

  13. Fine words of a mothers instinct to protect her young.
    Anna :o]

  14. Captivating! It kept my interest down to the last word.

  15. What a lovely poem for mother's day. I am so glad the cheetah was defeated. Thinking of you today, Sumana.

  16. What a wonderful poem....and Happy Mother's Day to you!

  17. A true celebration of motherhood! Lovely!

  18. A lovely homage to a mother's love, beautifully interwoven with Blake's timeless words.

  19. Heroic mother!!The animal kingdom is flush with extraordinary parents...such a beautiful piece, Sumana!

  20. Oh wow! This was so beautifully vibrant!!

  21. excellent pace - well crafted!

  22. Reading this poem on Monday, after the PU feature....feel your sadness in words' images...blessings! x

  23. I was holding my breath throughout the poem to see what would happen and was so glad the springbok escaped with her baby. But then I thought how the cheetah and her family would go hungry. Nature has so much sadness along with the joy.

  24. "adopts her stance to play with Death"--this really is what it looks like, these springbok are so amazing when they move! You've captured the dance well.


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