Tuesday, 28 July 2015

In Tune with Nature


Whenever I get a chance

I visit the Ganga

To listen to her melodious voice

She wraps me up with her cool breeze

And sponges up my despair

Little Shushuks* in her bosom

Leap up in joy

Such is the Ganga

Once I came across

The Himalayas

He was serenity itself

Incarnated in tranquil rocks

Showering bliss and peace

Calming all waves of thoughts

Pouring in appreciation

For having a life

Such are the Himalayas



*Ganges river dolphins


Posted for dVerse Poetics: In Tune with Nature


  1. "shushuks in her bosom"--beautiful imagery and I love that you put a footnote to explain what they are....what a lovely name for a river dolphin. As I am partial to mountains....this is my favorite part:
    "He was serenity itself
    Incarnated in tranquil rocks
    Showering bliss and peace
    Calming all waves of thoughts"

    --Especially the idea of being serenity being incarnated in rocks....that is just so apt...that's what is seems like, isn't it?? Thanks for linking up today, Sumana :-)

  2. Nature has a music if u listen...a serene sweet silent music awakening and soothing the spirit...beautifully written:))

  3. You really, really brought it home to me, that wonderful, important feeling, and made me want to stand there, in the waters. Lovely reading, beautiful, real, sincere tone to your poem.

  4. I might just get to see the himalayas new summer, Which would be like a dream come true - pretty awe inspiring. River dolphins - are they like regular dolphin? I think I would be visiting the ganges quite often. Ha.

    1. They look a bit different from regular dolphins...Ganges river dolphins have synonyms like blind river dolphin because they can't see though they can detect the direction of light...

  5. Two sources of real inspiration and nourishment for you, I can see. That picture is breathtaking - and looks very like my view of Mont Blanc! Mountains are just so awe-inspiring, they make you soar - like the dolphins, don't they?

  6. A beautiful tribute to Ganga.. truly there could be nothing more peaceful and tranquil..!

    Lots of love,

  7. I can only wish I can visit the Himalayas and see the Ganga ~ I specially admire this part:

    He was serenity itself
    Incarnated in tranquil rocks

  8. I like to see these peaceful places through your eyes, Sumana.

  9. How interesting about the blind river dolphins...it is good to read and see this peace through your eyes - the reverence for the river and standing in it, the serenity of the mountains and their strength. A lovely write, this is.

  10. Now I am aware of the blind fresh water dolphins, wow, thanks for that gift. Those of us who never seen the Ganges in person think of it as polluted, full of crocodiles--sort of a Kipling point of view.

  11. just the massiveness of mountains are overwhelming to the soul

  12. mountains bring us comfort, I agree 100%

  13. Beautiful song of praise to creation. I live near a river, in the foothills of mountains (not quite as impressive as the Himalayas, but wondrous all the same. What a gift!

  14. A very tranquil poem. I love that you used the word "melodious." I used that word in my haiku for the prompt also. Peace, Linda

  15. Oh.. all the mountains
    so majestic.. so tall
    so broad
    nature's muscle..
    so humbling
    to tiny humans..
    oh humility
    move mountains..:)

  16. I can only imagine what it must be to look at the Himalayas. Or stand on the banks of the Ganges. Sigh. Thanks, Sumana, for a few moments, you took me there.

  17. Perhaps one day I can visit The Himalayas. I have been blessed to see the Rocky Mountains of Western Canada, but I would love to behold the majesty of the Himalayas some day as well!

  18. Your world is so different from mine, but your appreciation of itnature shines through in your poem,, as does mine

  19. Shush-uks. I love that word! And the music in your opening two lines.


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