Friday, 31 July 2015

The House

Are you afraid

When you hear the groan?

It’s no one else

But the empty house

It remembers

The joyful shouts

Of the happy children

Cycling on its pathway

On each page of its memory

There are stories

Written in gold letters

Not all happy

Yet there was no dearth of emotion

Now its garden is a wilderness

Three brave souls

Who went there to spend a night

Never came out

Nor was there any trace of them

It’s no tourist spot

That you buy ticket to explore

And enjoy

Beware! Don’t get caught!

The house broods

And lets mystery grow around


Submitted to APED Prompt-62 Weekend Wordle#9


Shared with Poetry Pantry @ Poets United


  1. An empty house would have lots of stories to tell, I am sure...beginning with the reason it is empty at all. Hopefully
    most stories it would tell were happy ones, but.....

  2. It reminds me of the recent stories of brutal raping and killings of minors in deosated places, really very sad .

  3. Children are quite adept at finding spooky houses. It was a game in my day and the more dark trees in the garden the better.

  4. The house broods
    And lets mystery grow around

    Emptiness conjures lots of eventualities


  5. Too many houses contain the echoes of past sorrows and sadness..perhaps they should not be you poem beautifully reminds us

  6. Brilliant use of the word list.. such an intriguing poem!

    Lots of love,

  7. keep away from such houses!
    creative use of the prompt words. :)

  8. I liked thinking of the old house remembering the children .. but then it got spooky!

  9. luv this ghostly little write Sumana; it took me backt o my teen years of reading mystery stories

    thanks for dropping in at my Sunday Lime today

    much love...

  10. The history in old houses, if a person could only track them down, would make wonderful reading, I am certain. You imbued this poem wonderfully with an ominous mood.

  11. I love old spooky houses....wonderfully written!


  12. I really like how this feels so edgy. The house is almost alive, is a person. How nice to have it taken this way, rather than a celebration. Darkness tends to add more depth, right?

  13. A bit of mystery here ... well done on making it spooky :)

  14. An old house, like an old body contains many mysteries. I like this poem. It really conveys that twinge of fear in all of us.

  15. Some houses do seem to have their own awful karma. When I was little, my parents bought a house where the woman who owned it had gone blind in an accident. It was the most miserable house I have ever lived in. After my parents sold it, the family who bought it lost both there sons in an automobile accident soon after they moved in. It's probably coincidence - though, it has always made me wonder ...

  16. You have weaved this poem with sheer perfection!

  17. It sounds like a haunted house!

  18. Fantastic... details are particularly creepy amid the empty gloom of the house. Love it, Sumana.

  19. That is a better way to think of the groans from a house.

  20. An intriguing piece. Love the imagery and feel to this :)

  21. Sumana,

    I'm not sure that I would be brave enough to stay in this house...I am quite fussy about feeling safe and happy in an environmnet..You have certainly created a scary image with your wordle!!


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