Tuesday, 10 November 2015


candlelit leaf boat courtesy google image


A piece of heaven on earth

Made holy by a few drops of Amrita*

Here flows the Ganga

The Goddess in Her river form

Giving Moksha** She washes the sin of her children

Who take a dip in her bosom

Pilgrims in millions stream there

For a touch of the Ganga

I was once among the millions

When the setting sun tinged Her body ochre

Like everyone I sailed my candlelit leaf boat

Carrying a pilgrim’s wish

Pinned with a dream was your name

A year after, to me, you came

 My child, you made this life a dream


*The elixir of immortality. In Hindu Mythology once the gods and demons churned the ocean. The process released many things. Amrita was one of them.


**Freedom from the cycle of death and birth



Posted for Poets United Midweek Motif ~ River


  1. "A piece of heaven on earth
    Made holy by a few drops of Amrita*"
    As the river, so the child.
    A mother holding a name--both one among millions. Amazing images. I see, I see.

  2. A wonderful tribute! such lovely depiction in your verse :D

    Lots of love,

  3. Respect for the life sustaining rivers in India is a trait that would be valuable in so many other countries where they are not valued in the same way.

  4. this touches the spirit of everything that is. we are the beginning we are the end like a river to the ocean


  5. Lovely... I can imagine all the lights on the Ganga ...surreal.

  6. Such a touching poem and what better gift than a child...

  7. Respect and gratitude for life given, "A piece of heaven on earth' - humble and kind way of being...

  8. interesting paradox of the gift of moksha and the granting of the pilgrim's wish for a child - a divine divali poem

  9. Oh so beautiful, entering the Ganga with your prayer, your daughter born a year later, the dream of her life............how amazing it must be, to enter the Ganges and feel cleansed.

  10. Beautiful lines...Sumana. This is one place where I want to visit again n again. Those floating candle-lit cups look so breathtakingly beautiful bobbing on the serene waves... Esp during ganga aarti in the evening. Take care... May God give you strength.
    You were missed...Good to have you back. Shubho Bijoya.

  11. Sumana, how wonderful that you were one who once sailed a candle-lit leaf boat in the Ganges. This must really have been an awe-inspiring experience. Lovely poem & lovely photo.

  12. What a divine gift - the Ganga. And what a gift it bestowed on you. Lovely poem Sumana.

  13. The Ganges, lifeline for many on its banks and the savior for its many pilgrims through the years.Truly a blessing for the faithfuls!


  14. Yay! a lovely tribute to the Ganges River: a sanctuary for believers!!! thanks for this week's motif. have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Love this description and the beautiful photo.

  16. I really enjoyed this trip to the Ganga ~ what a treat! Thank you x

  17. Lovely! I have not participated in that ceremony, but I have taken a dip in her mighty bosom, and immersed myself completely. :)

  18. Interesting poem... the Ganges being a goddess and a life force... like holy water granting your prayer for a daughter.

  19. A wonderful poem, Sumana, making the holy, mighty Ganga friendly and approachable. There is a sadness in this poem too...


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