Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Bharatnatyam* Source

I really do not know

Who or what I am

All I feel is that

I am a bundle of consciousness

Entrapped in a weather beaten body

With a delusive mind

That often directs me

Into action

Making me its slave

A slave to its hunger

To its passions

To its desire

To its happiness

To its ailment

How I wish to break free

And have my own identity

What would that be like

I wonder though

May be a very abstract ‘I’

Without the attributes of a body,

A name, a gender, a religion,

A home, a language, a country

And never enthralled by this magic that world is

It would perhaps be very out of this world

Will that ‘I’ be infinite, eternal

Omniscient and omnipotent

I really do not know

All I know is that

I am a spark of consciousness

Intent to end this slavery

To find out my true identity


* Bharatnatyam is a form of Indian classical dance. Here the right hand of the performer is in the pose of Bhramara(Bumble-bee)-Hasta(hand). Bumble bee is regarded as auspicious. The left hand fingers are in the pose of Alapadma(Fully bloomed lotus) hasta, the rotating lotus of spiritual life. The eyes are directed towards the supreme lord. The left leg is lifted, symbolizing the swift ascent of the consciousness in one step from earth to the heaven.

Posted for Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Identity


  1. That's the hardest quest isn't it... Finding oneself and what one really stands for...

  2. This is truly divine! Beautifully written :D

  3. I find it interesting that your poem mentions some of the same things as mine: name, gender, religion, home, language, country. Albeit in slightly different ways. I do wonder if we can ever rise above these facets of our 'identity.' I can't imagine how, but perhaps in the afterlife we will all lose our 'slavery' to these earthly facets. I enjoyed your prompt, Sumana!

    1. Ha seems we're on the same wave length ...smiles...i was in search of self and generally these I feel are various layers imposed on our true is said in The Gita that when one is detached from the sense objects and ego through discrimination one can be liberated from all bondage even being within this body...

    2. Very interesting, Sumana!

  4. I think this is such a truthful poem - and as such glows with identity - we can never know for sure..we change..the world around us is terrible to be stuck in one place/time/being

  5. Yes, I like this, the constant searching for clues to who you are. Wonderful!

  6. A depth full poem, Sumana. Very thought-provoking, pondering what makes us who we are. I especially like "I am a spark of conciousness." That we are.

  7. "I am a spark of consciousness" luv that line

    have a good Wednesday

    much love...

  8. And my poem is called "spark," so I hope you like it! Oh, my, where to begin? Maybe with the phrase "Making me its slave" about the needs of the body. I know we are in this in-carnation for only a few decades of existence--is it so we will learn the burden and pleasures of material-ity? And are the pleasures only of youth so that at sometime we yearn to lay them down? My bundle of consciousness is willing to be bound as long as it feeds the spark which is so free and compelling inside and all around. I enjoyed the excursions of thought raised by your poem.

  9. The search for who we are is lifelong but that we did is the important thing lest we are asked 'what did you do in your life?'

  10. Really deep thoughts, conveyed beautifully!

  11. Deeply meditative and I like your explanations of the dance pose. It, like your poem, is deeply thought provoking. Thank you,


  12. Interesting the classical Indian dance.

  13. How true? but I don't think it is to find that spark!

  14. Really meaningful and impressive work.Sumana,I have gone through your interview and hence you with your childhood, parents,grandparents and surroundings have directly entered my heart and occupied a seat. There I wrote a hearty comment,but when I clicked Publish it got closed and same thing happened with the comment in my post also.

  15. I like the perception of our identity being something apart from our physical selves and lives...something infinite. Well-penned.

  16. I love the truths in this poem and the yearning for true Self. I think this is our job here - to discover what is real within us.

  17. There's so much wisdom to your words, such a list of what causes us enslavement...I long for freedom and true identity, too.

  18. It is the goal isnt it? - To find ourselves beyond our physical restraints (to soar ever higher.) The dance so beautifully represents the search.

  19. A lovely poem, Sumana, that describes the kind of soul searching that most thinking people do around the world... Nicely penned.


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