Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Those rare moments of comfort come
When huge word waves recede in the mind
And not a ripple is created
All thoughts escape into nothingness
Only the being remains
Everything seems to be made of peace
Everyone appears to be angels
Only Comfort reigns supreme
The heart becomes a spring of joy
Wish to God that realm of Beauty
Is given to all

Written for Poetry Jam


  1. So beautiful thoughts to give comfort to all through god:)

  2. sweet description of the mysterious nature of comfort which seems to fall from heaven, "the peace that passeth understanding"

  3. those moments of peace are a beautiful thing...when only being remains.....very nice...

  4. There is nothing like that feeling.

  5. The state if mind you describe is indeed desirable but does not seem easy to reach. I wish thoughts could escape into nothingness more often than they do. Beautiful words Sumana!

  6. a wonderful place to be, in the comfort of peace in the reach of God's voice

    much love...

  7. Everyone appears to be angels. - This is great, captures so much if we all could see past whats in front of us.

  8. Peace for all...yes, that is a beautiful thought :)


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