Wednesday, 6 November 2013

          If Ever

Just as all rivers turn to Ocean
And all faiths to Thou
I am not sure if my meandering thoughts
Will ever find the path of prayer to reach You

Just as some blotted out stars still shine
And the sky wears a new moon
I am not sure if my empty heart
Will ever be ablaze with love for Thou

Just as waterfall crashes with all its strength
And tears stream down a devotee’s face
I am not sure if my crusty soul
Will ever break to flow towards You

Just as the wind ripples the lakes and ponds
And murmurs in the jungle
Let Your Name ripple my being
Rid my mind of its trenches with Wicked Corner
Hold my fears of facing Truth at bay
Make not a splash ever
And I am sure
I shall not fall from Your Grace
Whether I am downhill, in the gorges or on mountaintops 

written for Real Toads (Challenge : Get Listed with Ed Pilolla) & also posted for Poetry Jam (challenge : What Do You Know for Sure?)


  1. This is beautiful absolutely, But I think dear you have not yet linked it to IGWRT.

  2. let your name ripple my being...smiles...i like that much...and chances are most of us will fall from grace at least once...smiles.

  3. I think we all find our own path of prayer...and I am sure that it reaches the One that it is supposed to reach. I like "Let my name ripple my being" as well!

  4. You turned the words into a very effective metaphoric description of faith. Well done.

  5. An issue that is definitely as fluid as water.

  6. in the end this is so stirring and, actually, inspiring. smooth, rich angle you took here.

  7. Sometimes we do wonder whether are prayers reach the god we address them to but we should try and be confident they do. Beautiful imagery! I like how you have used nature and its richness.

  8. I love the likening of human emotion to the various events in nature....lovely to read and to envision.

  9. I love the idea of the sky wearing a new moon and I also enjoy the name rippling your being...excellent write!!

  10. Some catchy images in this and although I thought as I was reading that you were addressing a higher being (God), it could actually have a broader meaning as well.

  11. …can't' help but think if one can recognize such beauty, one's heart already is afire with love for "Thee".

  12. To me, sounds more like a beautiful, open soul than a "crusty soul".

  13. i truly enjoyed reading your poem on consciousness and being

    much love...

  14. 'Let Your Name ripple my being' ~ powerful line for me too! ~ thoughtful poem.

  15. emotion and nature are such powerful forces, and you bring them out so well.

  16. Let Your Name ripple my that. Such a powerful poem of faith...beautiful

  17. Sumana the poem is so cute and thoughtful. The most striking is the line 'let your name ripple.....'

  18. I love how you contrast all things earthly that we know with the Divine who we wonder about and yet somewhere deep inside we know.

  19. Let Your Name ripple my being
    Rid my mind of its trenches with Wicked Corner - what a wonderful line!

  20. Very well-written... captivating and thoughtful. :-)

  21. I pulling for you or the person in your poem.


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