Thursday, 12 June 2014


Arun, Barun, Kiranmala by Shailen Ghosh courtesy : google image

When I was a fourth grader

I lost a story book in school

I can still remember that lump

In the throat, that frantic search

And rebukes from the elders

That story of three siblings

Based on a popular folk-tale

Had beautiful songs and rhymes

The book was half read

And to add salt to injury

Vanished from the market

Decades after decades passed

The brothers and their only sister

Were lost in the darkness of oblivion

A few years ago

In a book fair in our small town

I found the book in a stall

Not losing a moment I bought it

“Why this fairy tale now?” says my daughter

“Oh it’s not a book, it’s my childhood” I tell her


Posted for Gabriella’s prompt Lost And Found @ Poetry Jam


  1. I too would have felt mortified if I had lost a book that belonged to the school. Interesting that this haunted you for decades. I love how you ended your poem, Sumana. That last line is just perfect.

  2. ah the stories of our childhood def hold a place....and what a relief as well to find it after all these years....had to take you instantly back to it....ugh losing a book at that age as well...i can imagine the feeling of letting down others...

  3. Lovely story.Made me smile.I had a not completely similar experience. A t a book stall I found a reader at school that I adored
    when I was about that age. It was about the sea and rock pools.In my childhood memory it was magical and when I opened it , I found it disappointing so I did not buy it:)

  4. Love this...oh, the things we have lost.

  5. I have a few books like that - though not the "Lost" part. I just "found" books that I had read as a child. Somewhat like rallentanda though, they were never as wonderful through my adult eyes. I think we have to remember that when writing for children.

  6. I love that story - love how lost things can sometimes be regained..........

  7. What a wonderful poem, Sumana. It is interesting how the losing of that book stayed in your mind for years and years to come, as it was only half read. I am definitely glad that you found 'your childhood' in a book fair. I can only imagine you sat right down to finish the book! Smiles.

  8. Such a sweet story beautifully expressed in your words... finding that lost book is like finding that piece of childhood. It reminded me of Subhadra Kumari Chauhan's Mera Naya Bachpan. :-)

  9. Sumana , there's a lump in my throat. Nay, it's not just a book but a whole childhood hidden between the pages of the half read book. A beautiful poem written with the pen of emotions.

  10. love this, beautiful emotion and it comes from deep within the heart. This really sings of life.

  11. Wow. That was such a beautiful take :)

  12. I am happy that you were able to find that piece of childhood in the book shop..that's one treasure you don't want to lose:)

  13. How lovely to find something special again. I can imagine your delight. Thanks for sharing a part of your childhood.

  14. ..and a treasure. :-)

    Isn't it amazing how seemingly insignificant things can contain everything for a person? Finding that lost treasure brings closure and healing in a way.


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