Thursday, 11 June 2015

Spring Joys


All over, joys spring

Everyone grips sun

Love of warmth spreads

Blooms and bees dream together

Honey-talk Begins

Flowers buzzing

Life burgeoning

Zephyr sings softly

Gaily clad Nature




Nature gaily clad

Softly sings zephyr

Burgeoning life

Buzzing flowers

Begin honey-talk

Together dream bees and blooms

Spread warmth of love

Sun grips everyone

Spring joys all over


Posted for Mary’s prompt @ MTB dVerse


  1. You wrote a double-mirror poem; this is even harder than what the rest of us did. I can feel the joy and energy in you warm lines, Sumana!

  2. Whew, Sumana, I am thoroughly impressed with this. You have me smiling here. I didn't even think of doing such a complex poem as this. Breathtaking really. What more can I say!!

    And yes, spring joys all over!

  3. Very nice Sumana . I am left with a nice warm feeling. It was in the 90s here today. No relief from the heat. Sokid work on the form.

  4. Oh, beautifully done, with a true mirroring in the reversed phrases. And a lovely poem resulting, I particularly liked the dreaming bees and blooms, both times around!

  5. This is what a perfect mirror palindrome looks like, a twist in the lines, yet the meaning is complete ~ I can visualize the joyful spring ~

  6. Kudos for reaching way out there to write the double-mirror lines, requiring more thought & blue penciling. You get a blue ribbon for perfection, for riding the wild steed prompt into calmness.

  7. More difficult and more restrictive with a word than a sentence palindrome. You've done it very well Sumana!


  8. Love the blooms and buzzing of nature and the twice mirrored effect...nice one, Sumana.

  9. I totally agree with everyone else...this is just perfection in how you reversed line and words. Bees and blooms joyful...This poem is A+++++++++++++++

  10. so nice ..................spring in its glory

  11. A wonderful feeling to be among the blooms and buzz of bees. Yes this is exactly how it feels.

  12. WOW, you really outdid me on this--BRAVO!!!!

  13. Excellent work,above and beyond the call of prompt!

  14. A whimsical, wonderful palindrome, Sumana! I'm impressed how you smoothly reversed the words as well as the lines of verse!

  15. How effective! I felt each image the first time, and the second time took the waiting away. I entered spring. Wow.

  16. You, as have a few others, took it all the way. And both of us have enjoyed those bee whisperings. The gift of moderate temperatures which are lacking in so many parts of the planet. We are headed into our 4th year of drought while others are experiencing floods.

  17. (:..Voices of Spring ring truth
    in blooms buzzing flowering
    Humming Bees
    Humans Whistling
    song of Nature IN
    IN Nature of song
    Whistling Humans
    Bees Humming..
    flowering buzzing blooms in
    truth ring Spring of Voices..:)

  18. Wow! You have managed to turn things around, as well as mirror them. This is lovely.

  19. Such a joyous feeling to this poem :D
    Beautifully captured!

  20. You raised the bar with this one! Something to admire and be inspired by for palindrome poetry. I love "buzzing flowers"!


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