Friday, 12 June 2015

Weekend Wordle #2

Books adorning walls

In the big library hall

My own paradise


Wordle is a maze

Deep, darkening, enticing

Short of ideas


A funeral pyre

May consume an earthly form

Unscathed spirit lives

Kite plays with the wind

Desires for a higher sky

A finger controls


Leaders touch the ground

On a begging from door to door

Oh, there’s election


A red dawn

Sea water blazing

A boat sails


A pair of sweethearts

They are yet to name the day

We are curious


This tycoon’s

A grounded huge tree

Of humble birth


An alive planet

Needs hundreds of well wishers

To keep it going


Posted for Prompt 13 – Weekend Wordle #2 @ A prompt Each Day


  1. Sumana, You have used all the words beautifully'I specially liked the usage of the word 'paradise'

  2. Each and every line is beautiful and hold such wise words for all of us, I especially like the wants to soar high but is controlled by a finger!! great write up!!

  3. Indeed -- anywhere there are books it is paradise!

    Love the one about the kite - very metaphoric - as we all, in some way, wish a 'higher sky.'

    Ha, the sweethearts may not name the day until much later!

  4. Nice. I read each stanza as a separate little koan. That last one is so true. The tycoon one caught me up as well. We need business men of conciousness and humility. Perhaps then they could use that influence to make a turn at what is happening to our world.

  5. Read separately or together, each part compliments the next. Brilliant writing.

  6. Very lovely--touching thought that the planet needs well-wishers, Yes.


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