Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Back to School


Blooms smile and dance

In the school garden

Shake their bags

On the back

Some chirp and twitter

Want to fly

A bouquet of them

Holding fingers of moms

Sad faced, tearful

Want to go home

Their first day at school today



Posted for dVerse Poetics prompt “Back to School”


  1. I like that you link going back to school with positive images of Nature, its flowers and birds, as if it was part of the natural cycle of things - which I guess is what it should be. Sadly a few children find this step daunting. Hopefully this phase will soon be over for most.

  2. Your poem invokes the varied feelings of children on the first day of school. Some definitely want to "fly their nest", and some want to go home! Smiles.

  3. Smiles. If you want to have your heart torn out - go watch the kids being dropped off to kindergarten. For some it is the first time seeing mom walk away from them. And they can be a wreck. Then you have those that are completely fine. And the parents are just the same. ha.

  4. I love the metaphor of the blooms to describe those little ones--each flower unique. That whole image of holding the hands of their mothers is so symbolic of those children on their very first day.

  5. aww...it is a bit like learning to fly...the excitement and fear of the new that starts... sensitively captured

  6. Oh I see the feeling of parents here as well as the child.. its like beginning the separation process really.. and its never without pain.

  7. I agree with Gabriella - very nicely linked to nature and the inevitable blossoming and leaving of the nest...

  8. I remember several kids that cried so much, screaming, that the parents had to take them home; couldn't leave them there, though they probably should have.

  9. I think I was one of those who had my mom on the first day of school ~ But when I had my own kids, I was also there on their first day of school, smiles ~ It was traumatic for me too as the kids wanted to go home, ha ~

  10. Aw, indeed - the little ones look too small to be starting school.

  11. Lovely poem for first day of school and the mixed emotions...I taught kindergarten students and your metaphors of blooms and birds describe those precious little ones perfectly

  12. Ah.. sitters and rovers of school.. alike in most all of
    animal kingdom.. in general as well..
    where school can and will
    be adventure
    and for others
    a challenge just to
    get through
    every now
    of self-conscious
    discomfort of
    one level or
    in speed
    or slow..:)

  13. You lovingly put your finger on the emotions of the day...love the image of moms holding fingers..letting go. ;)

  14. It reminds me of my daughter's first day at school - she seemed so happy as she played all day until she found out the next day what a school is really for....

  15. The first day of school - sigh - you've painted it beautifully, here.


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