Thursday, 13 August 2015


I stand before the mirror  

Echo.           Error

I do see myself, you know

Echo.           No

Who is that if it’s not me?

Echo.           Me

Am I the echo of myself?

Echo.           Self

Is the person without self nothing?

Echo.           A thing

What will I do with things that die?

Echo.          Dye

You’re mad, Echo, dye with what glove?

Echo.          Love

Through this body will then my soul express?

Echo.            Yes


Posted for Mary’s prompt @ MTB dVerse


  1. Sometimes it is necessary to hear the inner voice.

  2. As with a few others, I like how your echoes answer the questions. It feels really natural as the echo that way.

    To be dyed with love, would be pretty cool. Oh that it could stain us.

  3. I think my favorite line is the first one. Oftentimes standing in front of that mirror does feel like a huge error. I also like the fact that the persona asks questions, a device which makes us ask ourselves the same ones.

  4. Finding yourself is probably better done listening to yourself than looking in the mirror.. Wise echo.

  5. The two concluding lines (plus echo) are my particular favourites - a nice classical feel to this echo verse!

  6. I love this - the echo serves as a means of self analysis through the question answer sequence. Brilliant use of the form :D

    Lots of love,

  7. I also like very much how the echoes address the deep questions asked! I like the contemplation on whether or not we really see ourselves when we look in the mirror and also the connection between body and soul in the last!

  8. That picture was also intriguing for me ~ Love the echo & taking at look at our mirror souls ~

  9. From time to time, which passes so fast, it is good to pause to look at oneself in the mirror! I am often surprised att he changes....

  10. Nice reflections or study on 'the self', when saying less is more using the echo form.

  11. Thanks for visiting. Wonderful echo.

  12. A great idea to combine echos with reflections.
    "Am I the echo of myself?" Love this line.

  13. This echo verse finds perfect pitch, not a false note or echo within. Being dyed with love will su-stain us, right? A joy to find such perfection relative to the parameters of the plot & your talent.

  14. looking at ourselves on the surface often do lead to us seeing ourselves faultily. But being dyed by love....oh, what a wonderful image that is!

  15. The inner voice/self is the most important thing about us; we're our soul, not our body. Everything starts from within

  16. Selfie human reflects window soul
    Mirror water surprise eye old
    No time like Present

  17. I like how Echo reflects back on the Self...fascinating dialogue flows along a contemplative path...excellent use of the form!

  18. You’re mad, Echo, dye with what glove?
    Echo. Love

    I love that soliloquy - smiles.

  19. This is a very interesting construct of a poem - and one that I have not seen previously. I enjoyed my introduction to the echo poem!


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