Friday, 26 July 2013

Naughty Muse

Naughty Muse

 Weeds grow
Without rhyme
Or reason
So does my verse.
Catchy, chatty,
Escape into the woods
And become the bush
I presume.
I am sorry;
I cannot
Stop this

vision: Krishna

vision: Krishna:                                                                                                                               This ...



                                                                                                      This flute player      
                                                                                                     Has been creating
                                                                                                    Enchanting notes for
                                                                                                   Thousands of years for
                                                                                                  Us.Yet we have no ears for
                                                                                                    Him. His music flows on.
                                                                                                     It's not that no one had
                                                                                                      Ever heard Him. O
                                                                                                       Little Butter Thief
                                                                                                    Have pity on us. Will You?