Wednesday, 23 July 2014


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I sometimes can’t differentiate

Between trash and treasure

When my father discarded

Those wrapper foils of cigarette

I treasured them to make

Tiny silver cups for the dolls


Who does not value this precious life

But to some it is hillbilly, okie

Redneck or simply white trash

Yet what a treasure is

A bit of consciousness


A lot of animals are trash

Because humans can’t eat them

And they are ugly to look at

Or they are threat to your cattle

While we keep on pulling out

The subtle skin on Nature’s face

So pigeons, carp, coyote are trash

Canada goose is a sky carp

But Mother Nature keeps

A sharp look out for Her

Dearest wild babies


We better learn to respect

All life forms

Before we become trash ourselves


Posted for Laurie’s prompt Trash Or Treasure @ Poetry Jam