Wednesday, 12 March 2014

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As the Hilsa fry* melt in my palate
I am in heaven
And all those shiny heavenly bodies
Become meat balls and pies
To thousand children’s dreamy eyes
I sigh

As I savor each page of Hungry Tide**
I am in heaven
And all the words of heavenly manna
Become hard rock and stone
On thousand minds’ treading zone
I moan

As He in Heaven smiles and asks
“What have you fed your soul with?”
I remain silent and become shy
Slowly comes my broken reply
“My soul’s never been hungry”

*A Bengali delicacy
**Novel by Amitav Ghosh

Posted for Gabriella's Prompt Savour the Food @ Poetry Jam
Shared with Susan's Mid Week Motif ~ Prescience / Foresight @ Poets United