Tuesday, 11 November 2014



My heart beats with you

When you rise

From the waves

Of golden mustard field

And dance


Twinkle twinkle

Bollywood star

How I wonder

What you are


Million hearts

Laugh, cry and sing with you

I tell you

You are made of moonlight

You say, “Sweat”


Up above the world

So high

Your hearts shine

 In the sky


Your words are ours

We gift them to our loved ones

I tell you

You are made of dream

You say, “Industry”


When the blazing sun

Is gone

When nothing

Shines upon


Our dark cottages gasp for a little air

You gift us a sky to breathe in

I tell you

You are made of grace

You say “your love”


You do show your

Magic light

Twinkle twinkle

All the night



Bollywood stars of Hindi films have been entertaining millions of people for one hundred years now. Films of all genres have been made. Romantic flicks with delightful songs and dances that make the mass forget their sorrows for the time being are all time favorites. The film industry churns out bucks for many a mouth. I’ve included two videos: one is on Indian heart throbs Mr. Shah Rukh Khan & Ms. Madhuri Dikshit singing & dancing in the film “Dil  To Pagal hai (Crazy heart)” and the other is Mr. Raj Kapoor, the great showman of Hindi cinema, singing in the film “Shree 420(Mr. 420, section 420 of the Indian Penal Code covers offences relating to cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property and leads to punishments or fine and / or jail terms of up to 7 years). Hope you enjoy the songs and language poses no bar.


Posted for the prompt Dream @ Poetry Jam