Tuesday, 26 May 2015





The black cuckoo sings and wakes me up here

At my mother’s home just at 4 AM

The sweet, mellow, enticing darkness of a new morning

Holds my hands and pulls me up

Within half an hour I’m on the road to join the morning walkers

Who religiously walk this unearthly hour

With a dream to shed a few kilos

My dream is to touch that round red shadow that slowly rises

Over the Ganges giving it a saffron hue

My dream is to join the jingling coming from the thicket

My dream is to feast my hungry eyes on the dew laden blooms

And inhale their morning greetings deep within my being

I am tasting a new me

A bursting of a seed that lay hidden for so many years as it were

A new growth

That needs to be nurtured, valued

To slowly deep root, rise upwards

Then branch out

And not thrown away like a serious weed

Feigning the look of a plant




Posted for dVerse Poetics