Tuesday, 10 November 2015


candlelit leaf boat courtesy google image


A piece of heaven on earth

Made holy by a few drops of Amrita*

Here flows the Ganga

The Goddess in Her river form

Giving Moksha** She washes the sin of her children

Who take a dip in her bosom

Pilgrims in millions stream there

For a touch of the Ganga

I was once among the millions

When the setting sun tinged Her body ochre

Like everyone I sailed my candlelit leaf boat

Carrying a pilgrim’s wish

Pinned with a dream was your name

A year after, to me, you came

 My child, you made this life a dream


*The elixir of immortality. In Hindu Mythology once the gods and demons churned the ocean. The process released many things. Amrita was one of them.


**Freedom from the cycle of death and birth



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